New Scientist - 29.02.2020

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29 February 2020 | New Scientist | 3

20 Everyone loves trees But are they a distraction from climate action?



On the

7 Beyond containment
The coronavirus cannot be
stopped, but it can be slowed

40 How to be found
The predictable mistakes
we make when we’re lost

20 A trillion trees
Is planting forests the best
way to fight climate change?

Vol 245 No 3271
Cover image: Sawdust

44 Antimatter
We’re here because it isn’t
We’re about to find out why

16 Cobalt blues
The problem with
electric car batteries

14 Ancient cockroaches 15 Safer CRISPR 11 Marsquakes
9 Stars stealing planets 51 How to make your own kimchi

This week’s issue




8 Mind-reading
Can brain scans reveal
the wishes of people
in intensive care?

9 Enter the vault
First seeds deposited in
upgraded doomsday facility

14 Radio burst explained?
We may know the source of
repeating signals from space

25 Comment
E-scooters are a scourge but
we need them, says Donna Lu

26 The columnist
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
on the atmosphere

28 Aperture
Blasted image of a cancer
cell could help crack cancer

30 Letters
Some reasons not to take
up alphabetic writing

32 Culture
Is there a downside to the
rise of the Instagram filter?

51 Science of cooking
How to make your own kimchi

52 Puzzles
Quick crossword, a traffic
lights puzzle and the quiz

53 Feedback
Cryptic headlines and British
dinosaurs: the week in weird

54 Almost the last word
Compliment before criticism?
Readers respond

56 The Q&A
Christopher Medina-Kirchner,
ecstasy researcher

36 Enemies within
Ancient viruses hidden within
our genome could reawaken,
causing disease

40 How to be found
People who get lost make
strangely predictable mistakes

44 Antimatter
An enigmatic mirror world
could finally reveal why our
own exists

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