2020-04-01 TechLife

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New iPad Pro 2020

patent shows a novel

way it could rival

Samsung Galaxy

Note 20
This patent, discovered by
AppleInsider, shows a series of
improvements to the iPad Pro’s
Apple Pencil stylus, including
haptic feedback (vibration when
you do certain things) as well as
detection for how hard you’re
gripping the device – and, as an
alternative notification mode,
press against where fingers are
gripping to ‘poke’ the user.

Your Fitbit may be

getting a new blood

oxygen monitoring

For years, Fitbit has included
an SpO2 sensor capable of
measuring your blood oxygen
levels to detect abnormalities
in your sleep, such as sleep
apnea, in its smartwatches
but the feature is only just
being turned on.
The feature debuted on the
Fitbit Ionic, even though the
function was dormant, and it
turns out the feature was also
included in the Charge 3, Versa,
Versa 2, and Versa Lite.

Apple Music gets

karaoke-style lyrics

in macOS Catalina
Mac users will soon get the
benefit of karaoke-style
time-synced lyrics to
accompany Apple Music
songs, as the feature has been
spotted in the latest beta
of macOS.
Previously, only plaintext
lyrics were available with
macOS, and real-time lyrics
synced to the song playing
were only enjoyed by iPhone,
iPad or Apple TV users. But
with the macOS 10.15.4 beta,
the feature has arrived on
the Mac desktop.


What you need to know

Microsoft will bring its

antivirus software to iOS

and Android

Defender for mobile is currently in development.

Microsoft has revealed its plans to bring its
Defender antivirus software to both
Android and iOS later this year.
The software giant is currently
developing apps for both mobile operating
systems which will provide antivirus
prevention along with a “full command line
experience”. However, Microsoft has not yet
shared any details regarding the
functionality of the apps yet but it does plan
to preview them at the upcoming RSA
conference. Microsoft’s mobile Defender
desktop counterparts and this is partly

because Apple doesn’t allow apps to scan
for malware on iOS.
On Google’s mobile operating system
however, there are already a number of
Android antivirus apps that are capable of
detecting malware in apps that have been
sideloaded onto a user’s device.
Phishing prevention will likely be one
of the main features for Defender on iOS
and Android as Microsoft looks to protect
businesses from having their employees
reveal their usernames, passwords
and other account information to
potential attackers.

Cut, copy and paste

inventor dies at 74

Larry Tesler was also Apple’s chief scientist.

The computer scientist Larry Tesler, who is
famous for inventing the computer concepts
cut, copy and paste, has passed away at age

  1. Tesler was born in New York in 1945 and
    he studied computer science at Stanford.
    After graduation, he worked in the
    university’s genetics and computer science
    departments before becoming a research
    Intelligence Laboratory.
    In 1973, Tesler joined Xerox’s Palo Alto
    Research Center (PARC) and this is where he
    developed cut, copy and paste. These
    concepts were instrumental in the

development of text editors and early
computer operating systems.
While cut, copy and paste were developed
at PARC, the research center is more well
known for its early work on graphical user
interfaces and using a mouse to navigate
them because Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
used many of its ideas as inspiration for
Apple’s products. In fact, Tesler was even
part of some of Jobs’ visits to Xerox.
After leaving Apple in 1997, Tesler had
several short stints at a number of other big
companies including Amazon, Yahoo!,
23andMe and others.
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