(Darren Dugan) #1

With Apple pulling the plug on its March
Special Event over coronavirus fears, where it
planned to show off new iPads and MacBooks,
the company decided to launch its biggest
update to the iPad in a press release. But don’t
be fooled by the lack of fanfare: the launch puts
the “Pro” back into the tablet, creating a next-
level experience ideal for professionals.


When Apple overhauled the iPad Pro in 2018,
the company made it clear that it was placing
a new focus on its professional users. For too
long, Apple had been targeting its everyday
consumer market with iPads, iPhones, and
MacBooks, and though innovations did allow
the company to stay one step ahead of the
competition, professionals had to choose
between a Mac or a competitor product, like a
Microsoft Surface, which combined the power of
touch with the internals of a high-end computer.
The 2018 iPad Pro offered both in abundance
and alongside a controversial “What’s a
Computer?” ad to persuade users to make
the switch, Apple managed to convert its power
users - think photographers, architects, and
designers - over to the Pro. Though the 2020
models have no major design refreshes over the
2018 models, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro
is just 5.9mm thick, 1.04 pounds, and offers a
stunning edge-to-edge display with 6mm bezels
at the top, bottom, and sides, which keeps the
focus on the content, removing unnecessary
distractions like buttons and frames.

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