(Joyce) #1
Fotos: loop; CAP: Diana Taliun/; IBM


Good ideas
Die beiden Ideen, die wir hier vorstellen, haben eins gemeinsam:
Sie sollen unser Leben verbessern oder zumindest leichter machen.

Full marks to...
...Zeteo Tech and Dr Peter Scheifele,
for protecting working dogs’ ears.
Around 1,600 dogs work in the US military.
They are often exposed to loud noises, which
can lead to hearing loss. “Even a short helicop-
ter flight can affect a dog’s hearing,” Stephen
Lee, a scientist at the Army Research Office,
said on the organization’s website. Unlike the
humans they work with, however, working
dogs are rarely provided with hearing protec-
To change this, Zeteo Tech, a biodefence
and medical-equipment start-up based in
Maryland, and Dr Peter Scheifele, executive
director of the animal acoustics laboratory
FETCHLAB at the University of Cincinnati
in Ohio, worked together to develop the
Canine Auditory Protection System (CAPS).
The CAPS is an elastic hood that fits over a
dog’s head and seals around its ears. Because
the CAPS is thin, it can be used by dogs work-
ing in tight spaces.
Lee is optimistic about the CAPS: “This
new technology protects the canine while
on missions and can extend the dog’s work-
ing life.”

Full marks to...
for providing a service aimed at reducing
plastic waste.
Let’s face it: most of us have got used to
the convenience of tossing away our emp-
ty plastic containers. Some of us manage to
throw them into the recycle bin, at least. Tom
Szaky, founder and CEO of the US recycling
company TerraCycle, wants us to go one
step further. He has started a service called
Loop in parts of North America, France and
the UK.
Users of the service have products such
as Pantene shampoo and Häagen-Dazs ice
cream delivered to their homes in refillable
containers. When the containers are empty,
they are collected, cleaned, refilled and re-
used. The products cost the same as they do
in stores. The only additional cost to the user
is the deposit required for each container.
Szaky insists that working with large in-
ternational companies such as Unilever and
Nestlé is the only way to reduce the global
problem of plastic waste. Szaky realizes that
his company is taking a risk by trying to
change consumer behaviour. He told CNN
that Loop is “the biggest risk we’ve ever
done. It’s in every way a massive gamble”.
Loop hopes to launch its service in select-
ed German cities in 2020.

Full marks to...
[)fUl (mA:ks tu]
, Die Bestnote
erhält ...
affect sth. [E(fekt]
, etw. beeinträch-
Army Research
Office [)A:mi
ri(s§:tS )QfIs]
, Forschungsinsti-
tut der US-Armee
based in...
[(beIst In]
, mit Sitz in ...
canine [(keInaIn]
, Hund; Hunde-;
hier: für Hunde
executive director
, Geschäftsfüh-
rer(in), geschäfts-
exposed: be ~ to
sth. [Ik(spEUzd]
, etw. ausgesetzt
hood [hUd]
, Haube
seal around sth.
[(si:&l E)raUnd]
, dicht an etw.
(seal , abdichten)

Full marks to...
[)fUl (mA:ks tu]
, Die Bestnote
erhält ...
CEO (chief executi-
ve officer)
[)si: i: (EU]
, Geschäfts-
, hier: Kunststoff-
, Bequemlichkeit
deposit [di(pQzIt]
, Pfand
founder [(faUndE]
, Gründer(in)
, Spiel; hier:
Einsatz, Risiko
launch sth.
, etw. starten
Let’s face it.
[)lets (feIs It]
, Seien wir ehrlich.
recycle bin
[ri:(saIk&l bIn] UK
, Recyclingtonne
toss sth. away
[)tQs E(weI]
, etw. wegwerfen

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