(Joyce) #1
high school education
[(haI sku:l edju)keIS&n]
US , etwa: normaler
Schulabschluss ohne
anschließendes Studium

, Forscher(in)

12 Business Spotlight 3/2020 WORKING WORLD

“I think you have a lot of room to be more braggy. I expect you
are competing against men who have no problem doing so.” In
The Seattle Times, career coach Kathryn Crawford Saxer recounts
the advice she gave to a female client who was writing a job ap-
plication letter. Saxer was right: research suggests that men do
indeed promote themselves more, which, in turn, advances their
The British Medical Journal analysed the titles and abstracts of
scientific articles and found that male-led teams were 21 per
cent more likely than female-led teams to say their research
was good and important. The male-led teams used terms such
as “novel”, “excellent” and “promising” to describe their work.
The study also found that other researchers were more likely to
cite the abstracts that included such positive terms. In the world
of research, the people with the most citations are more likely to
get hired and promoted. And their projects tend to receive more
The question is whether the study’s findings have implica-
tions for other industries. Should women make a conscious
effort to use positive language to promote their work? Saxer
thinks so. She advised her client to replace words that “under-
mine her serious professionalism” such as “thrilled” and “eager”.
Her client chose to use “novel” instead.


Male self-promotion?

What a novel idea

, Kurzfassung
[(brÄgi] ifml.
, angeberisch, großspurig
, Nennung, Erwähnung
cite sth. [saIt]
, etw. anführen, nennen

eager [(i:gE]
, eifrig; hier auch:
strebsam, einsatzfreudig
in turn
[)In (t§:n]
, wiederum,
im Gegenzug
novel [(nQv&l]
, neu(artig)

recount sth.
, etw. wiedergeben,
von etw. berichten
room [ru:m]
, hier: Spielraum
undermine sth.
, etw. beeinträchtigen


Researchers have found that a $1 (€ 0.92) increase in mini-
mum wage would lead to a 3.4 per cent decrease in suicides
among US adults with a high school education or less. If
there had been such an increase in the 25 years covered by
the study, 27,550 suicides could have been avoided.

Source: “Effects of Increased Minimum Wages by Unemployment Rate on
Suicide in the USA” (



Increase in job posts
in the past three years
offering “workplace
flexibility” as an
option for employees
to work when and
where they choose.

Source: LinkedIn’s “Global Talent Trends
2019” report (

job post [(dZQb pEUst]
, Stellenausschreibung
(im Internet und auf sozialen

78 %

Men on their
work: I’m the
king, baby!


A bit more
money: a ray of
hope for some
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