(Joyce) #1
EDITORIAL 3/2020 Business Spotlight 3

Titel: Minho Jung; Foto: Gert Krautbauer; Illustration: Minho Jung


any people have the feeling that
they are permanently struggling
to master the challenges of their
job: dealing with a constantly
increasing workload, satisfying
the competing demands of their
colleagues, learning new skills and
setting priorities when all tasks seem to be
equally urgent.
If this is how you feel, you might want to
consider finding a mentor: someone who
can use their experience to help you. In
our Careers & Management feature (p. 66),
Steve Flinders looks at the history of mentor-
ing and at its different forms, including “com-
munity mentoring” and “reverse mentoring”.
Steve also provides valuable advice on how
to find a suitable mentor and how to organize
your mentoring schedule.

One year after our special language test
“No greenwash!”, we once again put the
spotlight on environmental issues. Our
Global Business feature (p. 14) looks at how
firms can reduce their global footprint, at the
battles over water resources and at the link
between development policies and the
environment. Our Intercultural article
(p. 24) focuses on the environmental chal-
lenges facing New Zealand, and we look at the
topic of green finance (p. 50).

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Help is at hand

If you are feeling under pressure at work, a mentor
could be the solution — someone who can use their
experience to give you helpful advice and tips.


at work?
A mentor
can help you
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