(Joyce) #1

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3/2020 Business Spotlight

Succession is about a toxic, messed-up
media family headed by a terrifying pa-
triarch (Logan Roy, played by the Scot-
tish actor and Golden Globe winner
Brian Cox). While there may be a few
similarities with real media empires,
the writers say the storyline is entire-
ly fictional. As the name suggests, the
series deals with the big question of
who will succeed the ageing media
magnate when he has to step down.
It’s a dark but entertaining look at the
entertainment business and the mis-
ery it can bring. It also shows that rich
people can be just as miserable as the
rest of us, which makes it fun to watch.
Available on DVD and Amazon Prime.
The official website is

Could you rescue a kitten from a
tree? Or does the thought of climb-
ing terrify you? If so, you’re not
alone. Fear of heights is one of the
most common phobias. What if
you could conquer this fear from
the comfort of your sofa? All you
need is a smartphone, the most
basic of virtual reality viewers and
the ZeroPhobia app. Created by a
Dutch team of scientists and game
developers, the app is based on cog-
nitive behavioural therapy. It takes
you through some scary scenarios
in English, including rescuing that
cute kitten. It costs €14.99, far less
than therapy.

A miserable lot: Logan
Roy (centre) and family

face your
fears with
an app

cognitive behavioural
therapy [)kQgnEtIv
bI(heIvjErEl )TerEpi]
, kognitive Verhal-
conquer sth. [(kQNkE]
, hier: etw. bezwingen
cute [kju:t]
, niedlich, süß

kitten [(kIt&n]
, Kätzchen
phobia [(fEUbiE]
, Phobie
rescue sb./sth.
, jmdn./etw. retten
scary [(skeEri] ifml.
, angsteinflößend

messed-up [)mest (Vp]
, verkorkst
, unglücklich, elendig
misery [(mIzEri]
, Not/Nöte, Elend
step down
[)step (daUn]
, zurück-, abtreten
, Nachfolge
toxic [(tQksIk]
, giftig; hier: für jegliche
Beziehung schädlich

audience [(O:diEns]
, Publikum
[(fli:bÄg] ifml.
, Drecksvieh, Ekel(paket)

launch [lO:ntS]
, starten
sign up for sth.
[)saIn (Vp fO:]
, sich für etw. anmelden

take (on) [teIk]
, hier: Version (von)
, in Kürze stattfindend

, Veranstaltungsort

When it launched in 2009, National The-
atre Live (NT Live) promised to bring the
best of British theatre productions to a
wider audience. Since then, a total of nine
million tickets have been sold to theatre
fans worldwide.
Today, around 2,500 theatres and cin-
emas, including venues in at least 15

German cities, regularly participate in
the NTL broadcasts. Recent highlights
include Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s
one-woman show, as well as a modern
take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s
Dream. Sign up for the newsletter about
upcoming performances.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge: threatre for all
Free download pdf