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Social-media platforms, apps and websites
are all key components of a modern market-
ing campaign. In this issue of Skill Up!, we pro-
vide you with the words and phrases you will
need for talking about digital marketing.
In Word Bank (pp. 4–5), you can learn general
vocabulary for marketing in a digital context.
The In Context section (pp. 6–11) focuses on
phrases for talking about goals and websites,
writing engaging content and discussing
the results of a campaign. The phrases from
the extracts are listed in Phrase Bank on pages
12–13. In the grammar section (pp. 20–21),
we look at how to use singular uncountable
nouns, and provide a selection of useful nouns
for marketing. Try the Test exercises at the end
of the booklet, on pages 22–23, to see how well
you know the language presented in this issue.
Don’t forget to read the Skill Up! boxes for
tips on language and skills on the topic of dig-
ital marketing. You’ll find more such boxes in
Business Spotlight magazine.

The most effec-
tive way to learn a
language is not by
learning grammar and
vocabulary separately
but to learn in chunks
— groups of words
that form meaning-
ful units. When you
can process chunks,
rather than individual
words, communica-
tion becomes faster
and more efficient.
Practise chunks from
the Phrase Bank and
Collocations pages
by making a note of
those you think will
come in useful for
talking about digital
Illustration: Bernhard Förth

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corporate writer
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