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Business goals

On the next six pages, we present extracts
with key phrases and expressions you can
use to talk about digital marketing.

The SiTuaTion:
Together with her wife Gitti,
Cath Moreno runs a small
chain of boutique hotels.
They are discussing how to
use digital marketing tools to
increase their bookings. Tom
Snow, a digital marketer, is
describing their options.

  1. Abbreviations
    Cath: Our main KPI is to increase
    hotel bookings.
    Gitti: What we want to know is
    this... how can we drive more rel-
    evant traffic to our website? But,
    we don’t just want more clicks —
    we need more bookings!
    Tom: There are many simple op-
    tions for digital marketing and
    online campaigns. I can show
    you how to use a number of digi-
    tal channels and tools to increase
    ROI. For instance, SEO, SEA and
    SMA. We’ll keep an eye on CPA at
    all times.

keep an eye on sth.
, etw. im Blick behalten, aufmerksam

  1. Search results
    Gitti: That sounds like a lot of jar-
    gon to me.
    Cath: As long as it can help us get to
    the top of all SERPs, I’m listening.
    Tom: If the top search engines
    can’t find your web pages, you
    might as well not have any. So, how
    easy is it to find you using search
    engines? Where do you turn up in
    search results?
    Cath: We’re never on the first
    page or in the top ten results.
    Tom: OK. That’s disappointing.
    Cath: Unless you search specifi-
    cally for our company name and
    address, we’re hard to find. It’s em-
    barrassing, really.

, blamabel, peinlich
turn up (in a search)
, (bei einer Recherche) erscheinen
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