(Joyce) #1


If you can answer these
questions about the search
behaviour of potential custom-
ers, you should be able to write
better copy for your website
and improve SEO:

  • What are they looking for?

  • What exactly do they need?

  • What are they not finding
    answers to?

  • What can you offer to meet
    their needs?

  • What questions do they have?

Phrase Bank
For a list of all the key phrases used in
the dialogues, see pages 12–13

  1. Rank the site
    Tom: Let’s look at SEO first.
    Cath: How do we get search en-
    gines to give our website a high-
    er ranking? I hear Google keeps
    moving the goalposts!
    Tom: Honestly, you need to com-
    pletely redesign your website.
    And then you should constantly
    update it. You also have to be on
    social media all the time. Search
    engines give higher rankings to
    sites with new content.
    4. Good questions
    Cath: What’s the easiest way to
    improve SEO?
    Tom: What’s really important
    is that you write good, engaging
    content based on the things that
    your buyer personas are looking
    Gitti: How do we know what they
    are looking for?
    Tom: You should be able to answer
    that question! And when you have
    answered it, you need to ask your-
    self another: how can you stand
    out from your competition?

engaging , hier: ansprechend
stand out from sth.
, sich von etw. abheben

Illustration: Bernhard Förth

move the goalposts
, die Bedingungen
einer Abmachung
einseitig ändern
ranking: give sth. a
higher ~
, etw. eine höhere
Priorität geben

redesign sth.
, etw. neu konzi-
pieren, gestalten
update sth.
, etw. aktualisieren
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