BBC Good Food - 04.2020

(Chris Devlin) #1

10 APRIL 2020



Shoot director PETER RÜPSCHL

 Food stylist ESTHER CLARK


How should I cook it?
The stems can be used anywhere
you might use chives or spring
onions – added to salads, scrambled
eggs, chopped into mashed
potatoes, cooked with spring
greens as a side, used in tarts,
blended into butter to melt
over potatoes or steaks, or
even whizzed into a pesto.
The ediblelowers make
a pretty garnish, and the
bulb-like roots can be
used as you would onion
or garlic, too.

Where can I get it?
Three-cornered leeks can be found
around hedgerows, woodland or
ield edges andlower beds in many
areas around the UK, including in
South West counties like Devon
and Cornwall, and London, East

Yo u m a y a l r e a d y b e f a m i l i a r w i t h
wild garlic, but three-cornered
leek is a similar, milder allium,
that’s also found in the wild
at this time of year

What is it?
Three-cornered leek, also known
as three-cornered garlic or allium
triquetrum, is a plant that, when
lowering (April-May), looks like
a white bluebell. It has a long,
green stem and whitelowers
with green stripes. The ‘three-
cornered’ part of the name
is because the stem has a
triangular cross-section.

What does it taste like?
Like wild garlic, it’s part of the
allium family, however, they are
much milder, tasting like a cross
between chives, spring onions
and baby leeks.


inkorn is one of the earliest
forms of wheat eaten by
humankind. Milled into
a flour, it’s rich and nutty in flavour,
with a deep biscuity smell once
baked into bread or cakes.
We’ve seen ancient grains like
einkorn becoming more familiar
on the food scene recently, with
many bakeries incorporating
them into their recipes for added
flavour. Gail’s ( oer
an einkorn & whey sourdough, and
we tried a delicious einkorn soda
bread at Stoney Street (26grains.
com) in London’s Borough Market,
where pastry chef Henrietta Inman
heads up the kitchen. The restaurant
was recently opened by 26 Grains
founder Alex Hely-Hutchinson,
who uses an exciting variety of
grains at both venues.
Here, we’ve used einkorn flour
to make a simple soda bread. It’s
delicious served freshly baked
with salted butter, or sliced and
served with a bowl of soup or stew.
You’ll find it in larger supermarkets,
health food stores or online.

Einkorn soda bread

SERVES 8  10 PREP10 mins

250g einkornlour, plus extra
for dusting
250g plainlour
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tspine sea salt
1 tbsp soft brown sugar
370ml natural yogurt
1 large egg

1 Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/
gas 6. Sprinkle a little of the einkorn
flour over a baking sheet, then tip
both flours, bicarbonate of soda,
salt and sugar into a bowl and stir
to combine. Whisk the yogurt and
egg together in a jug.
2 Make a well in the centre of
the dry ingredients and pour in
the wet mixture. Swiftly mix the
ingredients together to create a
slightly sticky dough. Form into
a round, about 8-10cm thick and
put in the middle of the baking
sheet. Dip the handle of a wooden
spoon into some flour, then lightly
press into the top to create a cross.
Lightly dust with a little more
einkorn flour.
3 Bake in the oven for 40-45 mins
or until slightly risen with no grey,
uncooked patches in the cross. Set
aside to cool, then serve with salted
butter, if you like.
PER SERVING(10) 225 kcals•fat 3g•saturates 1g•
carbs 40g• sugars 5g• ibre 3g• protein 8g• salt 1.4g

Have you tried?

Three-cornered leek

Sussex and
the Cheshire
If you’re foraging
it yourself, take care not to pick
similar-looking poisonous, plants
like crocus and daodil. You can
also buy it from online greengrocers
like Abel & Cole, Farm Drop and
Fine Food Specialist.Anna Lawson
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