Wireframe - #35 - 2020

(Joyce) #1
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Attract Mode

Super Mario Lego sets
announced; joy ensues

Michael Chu, lead writer on Overwatch,
departs Blizzard after 20 years




from the virtual front

  1. Silent Hills

It’s a rumour, take it with a barrel full of
salt, but the whispers are pointing to
not one, but two brand new Silent Hill
games in the works over at Konami. First
reported by Rely on Horror, the murmurs
say writer/director Keiichiro Toyama,
creature designer Masahiro Ito, and
composer Akira Yamaoka are working
in conjunction with SIE Japan Studio to
create a soft reboot of the original Silent
Hill. And the second game? Well, that’s
Silent Hills, obviously, with Sony allegedly
operating as relationship counsellor
between Konami and Hideo Kojima in
order to get the latter involved with the
project. It does all sound too good to be
true, but we can live in hope.


  1. Breaking walls

Minecraft is where we build hastily
constructed houses only to see them
explode shortly afterwards when some
cactus-looking thing meanders into
it, right? Well, not quite. Adding to
that feeling of ‘not quite’ is the recent
announcement from Reporters Without
Borders, the non-profit focused on
press freedom around the world.
The organisation has announced The
Uncensored Library, a ‘safe haven for
press freedom’ located inside a Minecraft
server which contains banned books
and articles from around the world, free
for anyone to read. Check it out here:

  1. Empty spaces

Cancellations related to the ongoing
COVID-19 pandemic continue,
understandably, with events large and
small around the world being pushed
to later in the year – or cancelled
altogether. One of the biggest to fall
has been E3, with 2020’s event entirely
cancelled by the ESA in an attempt to
help limit the virus’s spread. This will
be the first time since the convention’s
creation there hasn’t been an E3 held,
to put that in some context. UK-based
events like EGX Rezzed also saw a
delay imposed, with the indie-focused
gathering pushed back to the summer
by event organiser and EuroGamer
owner ReedPOP, and the Video Game
BAFTA awards show was changed to a
streamed event.
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