Wireframe - #35 - 2020

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  1. GeForce

Maybe Later

Some big publishers have pulled
their titles from Nvidia’s GeForce Now
streaming service, which we took a look
at last issue (in short: it’s good at times,
poor at others). But now it seems some
devs – specifically Hinterland Studio – are
pulling their games from the service for
very interesting reasons. Basically: Nvidia
doesn’t seem to have asked permission
to put some games up, at least going
by what Raphael van Lierop, Hinterland
founder, wrote on Twitter. “Nvidia didn’t
ask for our permission to put the game
on the platform, so we asked them to
remove it. Please take your complaints to
them, not us. Devs should control where
their games exist.” Oopsie.

  1. Sweet relief

The cancellation of GDC hit some
indie devs hard, with unrecoverable
costs mounting up and net losses
expected. WINGS Interactive, a new
label focused on funding games from
diverse teams, has teamed up with the
likes of Google, Redbeet Interactive,
and more to offer the GDC Relief Fund.
The fund will offer financial support
to developers negatively impacted by
GDC’s cancellation, as well as providing
things like remote pitch meetings and
other support services. Have a look here:

  1. And finally...

If you’ve been on the internet in the last
15 years or so, you’ll likely have seen the
image above these words: a Counter-
Strike LAN party with one particular
attendee finding a free spot above
everyone else, duct-taped to the ceiling.
While the questions of why and how
have been discussed by those involved
previously, a new documentary – Internet
Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer – will go into
more detail than ever before about this
one, pure moment in time, featuring
interviews with those involved. You know
you want to see more: wfmag.cc/duct

COD streamer Carl Reimer shoots
energy drink; banned from Twitch

2K to make non-sim NFL
games; EA simulates rage



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