Wireframe - #35 - 2020

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Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution stands out for two reasons: first,
it’s a striking-looking thing, with bold, cartoonish
colours backing up the quick and smooth robot
battling action. Second, its striking-ness is being
made to suit newcomers to the fighting genre
as well as the experts – not a common move in
the competitive fighting game scene. That’s nice.
Will it be any good? Errm... no idea.

The Big Con

Playing as ‘awkward teen’ Ali, The Big Con sees
you trying to raise money – by means nefarious
or otherwise – in order to save your family’s video
store from gangsters. Also, it’s very nineties. Very
nineties. Ostensibly an adventure game with a
few skill tests thrown in there – for pickpocketing
and the like – this one has a wonderful visual
style to it, and a sense of humour to boot. Rad.

Disc Room

In the year 2089, a giant disc will be found in
orbit around Jupiter, apparently, and a team of
scientists will have to investigate. What this will
result in is what we’d call an action-avoidance
romp mixing in puzzles and extreme violence as
you navigate rooms aboard the disc, avoiding
ever-increasing numbers of spinning blades, and
trying to figure out just what in the blue heck is
going on. And that’s a future historical document
for you.

When The Past

Was Around

Gorgeous hand-drawn art is what draws you into
this point-and-click adventure, telling the tale of
a woman in her 20s and her attempts to give her
lover some kind of form. Said lover is some kind
of shadow being, but also an owl-person. Look,
quite honestly, it’s not one of those that explains
incredibly well, so check out the demo over here:
Free download pdf