Wireframe - #35 - 2020

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Leaning heavily on story and
exploration, Cloudpunk sees
you taking on the role of a
delivery driver of the future.
It’s the stories people tell and
the things you discover along
the way that are the real hook
here, but it doesn’t exactly
hurt that Cloudpunk looks
absolutely phenomenal.

Amnesia: Rebirth

The trope of using amnesia as a storytelling
device is well worn, but there are exceptions we
can make – one of them is most definitely for
when Frictional Games returns with a full sequel
to its utterly terrifying Amnesia series, in the
shape of Rebirth. With this being the first time
the series’ original developer has returned to
the franchise since the first game in 2010, hopes
are high – and with Frictional popping out the
brain-rending SOMA a few years ago, it’s clear it
hasn’t lost touch with what makes us frightened.
Described as “fresh, but not revolutionary” by
Thomas Grip, creative director on the game, it
sounds like the studio is sticking with its familiar
path of scaring the living bejesus out of anyone
who plays its games.

Command & Conquer Remastered

Why yes, this is a fair old chunk of space to
dedicate to a re-release double-pack (with
extras) – but there’s a certain allure about
Command & Conquer that makes it impossible
to overlook. Coupled with a genuine sense that
EA – and developer Petroglyph – is actually
listening to what people want from their re-
releases of 1995’s Command & Conquer and
1996’s Command & Conquer: Red Alert. In short:
we want it to work on modern systems (check),
we want higher resolutions (check, up to 4K),
we want original developers involved (check,
Petroglyph was formed by Westwood Studios
refugees), and we want the original music (check,

and some new tracks from original composer
Frank Klepacki).
It’s all sounding good: the classic original
games, their expansions, a plethora of extras,
even a re-recorded EVA voiceover by original
talent, Kia Huntzinger. But the best thing out of
all of this is that it isn’t just empty nostalgia – the
games still hold up. Right now, it’s not clear how
much work is being done on balancing things
that have been left as-is for 25 years, and maybe
things will just be presented as they were,
but the opportunity is there for this to be the
genuine ultimate Command & Conquer collection.
Well, of the first two games, at least.

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