Wireframe - #35 - 2020

(Joyce) #1
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Toolbox Rated

Design principles
Inside the mind of the
computer programmer

Substitute Soccer
Code your own top-down
football game

Exploring the world of game
design documents

Source Code
Remake Hyper Sports’ skeet
shooting minigame

Zombie Army 4
The schlocky series comes
back stronger than ever

Coffee Talk
A visual novel that
captures the daily grind

The Pedestrian
The signs point to a truly
absorbing puzzler

Backwards compatible
HDMI solutions, and other retro
hardware delights


As Keza MacDonald already
pointed out on page three,
COVID-19 is now a present –
and genuinely worrying – reality
for many of us. And with much
of the western world self-
isolating to avoid spreading the
virus, it's clear that the economic
impact of the pandemic will
be considerable, too. The
cancellation of events like E
and EGX Rezzed (which you can
read more about on page 14)
are going to have a profound
impact on our favourite hobby;
indie developers, who rely on
those events to make deals
and get the word out about
their games, will be particularly
affected, as are charities like the
National Videogame Museum
and the Centre for Computing
History, which have both been
forced to close due to the
coronavirus situation.
Thankfully, the industry's pulling
together to help those affected:
the GDC Relief Fund was set
up in early March to assist
indie devs who've lost money
from the cancelled expo, and
gamedev.world is launching a
fundraiser from 27 March to
3 April to boost donations – you
can find out more about that at
wfmag.cc/gdc-relief. There are
things you can do to help those
museums, too: you could join
the NVM's Patreon at
patreon.com/thenvm, or
you could make a donation
to the CCH on its website
Above all, though, stay safe,
stay calm, and look after
yourselves. Like Keza, I'm going
to be spending a lot of spare
time immersed in the soothing
world of Animal Crossing:
New Horizons.

Ryan Lambie

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