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1973 Citroën DS Pallas IE £28,000


brakes.A more basicIDversionwasavailable.
September 196 2 restylesawa newnose,
Pallasmodelwith 41 improvementsincluding
a moreluxuriousinteriordebutedfor 196 5.
vegetableoil(LHV),thenswitchedto synthetic
(LHS).Forthe 196 7 modelyear,Citroën
1968 modelyearcarsgotfourglass-covered
Boschfuelinjectionwasintroducedfor 1970
anda 2.3-litre enginein1972.Productionended
in 1975 after1,455,746DSs werebuilt.

Good colour, Pallas trim
is all there and the panel
gaps are generally good

Interior looks
and feels almost
brand new

Engine runs well,
but its bay would
benefit from tidy-up

Quote £268.03comprehensive, 5000 miles
peryear, garaged.Call 03333231181


hiny dark blue paint suits this
1973 DS Injection Electronique
and covers straight, corrosion-
free panels with generally
excellent gaps. All the Pallas
trim is in place and appears in
nice condition despite some
surface tarnish, especially on
the rear window surrounds.
All glass including the headlamp covers
is free from damage, the inner set of
lights turning with the steering. Originally
sold in Prato, Italy, the left-hand drive DS
came to the UK in 2014 and the headlights
still appear to be set up for driving on the
right. Bumpers are equally blemish-free,
as are the Pallas wheelcovers. If we had
to nit-pick, there is slight surface rust on
the wiper arms and the lower door trims
are not affixed perfectly straight, but
otherwise this car is hard to fault.
The factory-fitted – and operational

  • air conditioning is an unusual option.
    The blue and white cloth and leathercloth
    interior is in especially nice condition
    with no obvious damage and the big seats
    with headrests prove both comfortable
    and supportive. The dashboard is free of
    cracks, but there are a few small areas of

scuffed paint and the surround for one set
of pushbuttons needs securing in place.
A rear window blind is included and the
light grey fabric headlining is droop-free
and in perfect condition. Door cards appear
unmarked, as does the dark blue carpet.
Turn the ignition key and the engine fires
up immediately, soon settling to a smooth
idle at an indicated 1200rpm. It quickly
warms up and nothing on the numerous
warning gauges offers cause for concern.
The suspension operates just as it should,
with the car soon finding its natural ride
height. Again, no leaks or untoward noises
were spotted during our inspection.
On the road the Citroën is quiet and well-
mannered with very light steering that still
feels precise. Finding your way through
the five-speed gearbox using the column-
mounted gearlever soon becomes second
nature, with each gear dropping into place
positively. Stopping power is impressive,
the sharp brake pedal virtually halting the
car dead in its own length at low speeds.
Winter and summer tyres are supplied
with the DS, the set fitted during our test
being Petlas with excellent tread. The jack
and an unused ‘multiseason’ spare tyre are
present under the bonnet. A generally tidy

1973 Citroën DS Pallas IE
Price £28,000 Contact European Classic Cars, Avebury, Wiltshire (07813 394167, europeanclassiccars.co.uk)
Engine2347cc4-cylOHVPower14 1bhp@5500rpmTorque135lbft @3500rpmPerformance0-60mph

engine bay has a little worn and scuffed
paint on some components, but no obvious
leaks or areas of concern were noted.
Recent MoT certificates mention a weep
from a power steering hose joint, but our
inspection failed to detect it.
The odometer reads just over 98,400km
(60,000 miles). The previous owner
added a new swivelling centre headlight
assembly, alternator, high-pressure pump
and fuel pump. New injectors and fuel
pipes were fitted, and the fuel tank cleaned
and lined in 2014. The air conditioning
system was repaired and re-gassed in 2015.
This very attractive example of a Pallas
has an excellent specification. The car
drives beautifully and a little tidying under
the bonnet would finish it nicely.