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June 2019 Issue 551



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The month in cars
24 Goodwood 77th Members’ Meeting sees Porsche 917s reunited with legendary pilots
27 Practical Classics Restoration Show Unique Rolls-Royce Phantom finally revealed
31 Classic Auto Madrid Beautiful art-deco SS Jaguar steals Spanish show.
32 Events Planner Plan your Spring, including a visit to the new Silverstone Experience
34 BarnFindsFinalreprievefora fascinating Latham F2 , and a nearly-raced Lotus Elite
36 NextMonthMiniturns60,plus gravel-spraying in Roger Clark’s Ford Escort RS
37 LettersTestingthelimitsof the Range Rover, and lots of V8 love
39 QuentinWillsoncelebratesthe early Mini. But not the one you’re probably thinking of
41 GordonMurrayonthecompact charms of the Lotus Europa, provided he can fit in it
43 JohnFitzpatrickexperiencesGoodwood in an upside-down Austin Westminster
202 WhyI Love...theLotusEliseMkI, by ex-Lotus MD Rod Mansfield

80 COVERLifeCycleTheodds-defying,romantictaleof a cross-channelMGBGT
86 COVERTheCollectorIf it’sgotan aircooled flat-four at the back and a Volkswagen badge
94 COVEREpicRestorationRestoring a Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 is tricky enough.
Takingona tuner-specialfestooned with bizarre electronics is something else entirely...
111 OurCarsRuss’sAlfa RomeoSpider emerges from hibernation, Sam’s Chevrolet
Camarospringsa leakandNigel’s Reliant Scimitar GTE gets a brilliant makeover

6 COVERTheListWetreatreaderJames Douglas to our most expensive dream-drive yet: a
day withthebeguilingFerrari275GTB
44 COVERMoorPleasure,LessRoof We take to the North York Moors in 2019’s hottest
classiccabrioletbuys:Jensen Interceptor, Ferrari Mondial, Alvis TD21, Mercedes
320CE,Saab 900 Turbo16S and Volkswagen Golf GTI. Plus design guru Chris
Bangleonthechallengesof stylingdrop-tops
64 COVERBentley’sRevengeDriving the Lagonda V12 created by WO Bentley after he was
72 COVERA ForEffortChargingthrough the Chilterns in Renault’s forgotten Group B rally
weapon– theAlpineA310GT. Did it deserve a better fate?

14 QuentinWillson’sHotTipsA distinctly Japanese theme this month, as Quentin
spotspotentialina cultNissan and a brace of very different Toyotas
16 ChasingCarsTheBMWE3 0 3 Series comes of age, Jaguar XJ-Ss show growth
andE-typesdecline. Anddidsomeone bag a bargain Aston Martin DB4?
20 MarketHighlightTheeyesof the world are on the bellweather Porsche 911 2.7RST
22 TemptingBuysAMaseratiQuattroporte, Swallow Doretti, Vauxhall Victor
andAlfaRomeoGiuliettaSprintvieforyourattentionat auction
102 COVERBuyingGuideHowto buy yourself a solid, reliable Volvo Amazon and unlock a
worldof classic-carusabilityfrom just £3k
109 Books& ModelsA deep-diveinto the history of IMSA and
a uniquetakeontheFerrari250GTO that sees it get a
119 AdsonTest We’vetest-driven a Porsche 928S4 (p119),
FordEscortMexico(p120),Citroën DS Pallas IE (p123)
andFordEscortRS Cosworth (p124) – will you buy them?
172 Advertiseyourclassicforfree
194 PriceGuideQuarterlyThelatest condition-dependent prices
of more than 1400 classiccars


An eventful life: discover
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