The New York Review of Books - 24.04.2020

(Axel Boer) #1

April 23, 2020 11

“An excellent book.”
—Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
“An instant classic.”
—Robert D. Putnam, author of
Bowling Alone and Our Kids
Cloth $27.

“This excellent collection will appeal
not only to scholars in various
disciplines but also to general readers.”
—Elisabeth Krimmer, author of German
Women’s Life Writing and the Holocaust
Paper $19.

“Ochs has done the remarkable: she has
written a book about the Haggadah that
is as delightful as the Haggadah itself.”
—Lauren F. Winner, Duke Divinity School
Cloth $26.

“A brief and powerful book about one
of America’s most profound minds.”
—Robert D. Richardson,
author of William James
Cloth $22.

“Essential reading for anyone
who wants to know how
archeological magic truly happens.”
—Sarah Parcak, author of
Archaeology from Space
Cloth $35.

“A lyrical and poignant meditation
on our deepest problems: the self, time,
death, freedom, ethics, and love.”
—Amia Srinivasan, University of Oxford
Cloth $12.

“No other book explores the central role
that house and home play in the biographies
of authors and artists with so much
sophistication, acumen, and tenderness.”
—Deidre Shauna Lynch,
author of Loving Literature
Cloth $24.

“An amusing and at points hilarious
book that is also... deeply learned
and occasionally sobering.”
—James Tatum, Dartmouth College
Cloth $16.

“Insightful and joyful,
this book is a masterpiece.”
—Johann N. Neem, author of
What’s the Point of College?
Cloth $19.

“This inspiring study... shows
how work can be changed to
create sane and sustainable jobs.”
—Arne L. Kalleberg,
author of Precarious Lives
Cloth $29.

“With an urbane wit and a sense of
fun... Burt’s reimagined re-creations
of Callimachus have a wonderful
freshness about them.”
—Stephen Scully, Boston University
Cloth $24.

“An important step toward
new conversations about how to
have a good society.”
—Anna Sun, author of
Confucianism as a World Religion
Cloth $29.
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