The New York Review of Books - 24.04.2020

(Axel Boer) #1

April 23, 2020 13


Love Drugs
The Chemical Future of Relationships
Brian D. Earp and
Julian Savulescu

“This book offers a fascinating,
game-changing scientific argument
for the use of unconventional
medicines by those struggling with
matters of the heart.”
—Helen Fisher,
author of Anatomy of Love

Intimate Alien
The Hidden Story of the UFO
David J. Halperin

“Intimate Alien is a thoroughly
fascinating dive into a third domain,
a genuine twilight zone that is
perpetually shimmering between
mind and matter.”
—Dean Radin,
author of Real Magic

A Confession
Natalie Carnes

“This is a rare book, one that
combines profound theological
depth with astonishing beauty.
Take up, read, and savor
this book.”
—Tish Harrison Warren,
author of Liturgy of the Ordinary

10% Less Democracy
Why You Should Trust Elites
a Little More and the Masses a
Little Less
Garett Jones

“If you liked Freakonomics or
Predictably Irrational, you’ll love this
book. It deserves to be read widely,
widely discussed—and acted upon.”
—Jason Brennan,
author of Cracks in the Ivory Tower

The Universal Enemy
Jihad, Empire, and the Challenge
of Solidarity
Darryl Li

“Thought-provoking and
beautifully written, The Universal
Enemy raises important questions
about the legalities, conduct,
and effects of global violence in
all its forms.”
—Lauren Benton,
Vanderbilt University

Photography and
Its Shadow
Hagi Kenaan

“Writing movingly and poetically,
Hagi Kenaan offers a fresh way
of understanding the medium
of photography.”
—Keith Moxey,
Columbia University

Justice for Some
Law and the Question of Palestine
Noura Erakat

“Without any doubt, Justice for Some is
the best book on the law and politics of
the Palestine/Israel struggle.”
—Richard Falk,
Former UN Special Rapporteur
for Palestine



Permanent Revolution
Reflections on Capitalism
Wyatt Wells

“Permanent Revolution is a brisk, lively,
and thoroughly original anatomy of,
and meditation on, capitalism.”
—Peter A. Coclanis,
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill


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