The New York Review of Books - 24.04.2020

(Axel Boer) #1

Plague Years

A Doctor’s Journey through the

AIDS Crisis

Ross A. Slotten, MD

“An excellently written, eminently
readable, and absolutely compelling
account of the AIDS epidemic, told

with passion from the inside.”
—John D’Emilio, author of Queer
Cloth $20.
Forthcoming in May

The Toddler in Chief

What Donald Trump Teaches Us
about the Modern Presidency

Daniel W. Drezner
“It’s no secret that much of Trump’s
staff thinks he’s ill-informed, impul-
sive, even dangerous. Drezner has been
tweeting quotes from Trump staff ers
talking about the president as if he is a
toddler for years.”—Vox
Paper $15.

Going All City

Struggle and Survival in LA’s
Graffi ti Subculture

Stefano Bloch

“Bloch is the ultimate insider in an
outsider subculture, a legend for his

productivity and tirelessness; and
his insight into this world is frank,
compelling, and enlightening all at

once.”—Los Angeles Review of Books
Paper $19.

The Torture Letters
Reckoning with Police Violence

Laurence Ralph
“Compelling.... It is impossible to
read Th e Torture Letters without the
nagging realization that right now,
somewhere in the United States, a
similar story is playing out in real time.
Th is book matters.”—Th e Nation

“A deeply caring work... An essential
primer on the roots of police violence.”
—Publishers Weekly
Paper $19.

The American Robot

A Cultural History

Dustin A. Abnet

“Gracefully written and creatively
researched, Th e American Robot tracks
representations of robots from Franken-

stein to Westworld.... An important
and timely book.”—James W. Cook,

University of Michigan
Cloth $35.

Two Menus

Rachel DeWoskin
“Th is fi rst book is fresh in more than
one sense of the word and a great,
illuminating pleasure.”
—Robert Pinsky, author of At the
Foundling Hospital
“Th is is a beautiful book.”
—Jericho Brown, author of Th e
Tr a d i t i o n
Phoenix Poets
Cloth $20.

A New Edition

Crusade for Justice

The Autobiography of

Ida B. Wells

Second Edition

Ida B. Wells

Edited by Alfreda M. Duster

Th is updated edition includes a new
foreword by Eve L. Ewing, new images,
and a new afterword by Ida B. Wells’s

great-granddaughter, Michelle Duster.

“A sophisticated fi ghter whose prose

was as thorough as her intellect.”
—New York Times
Paper $20.

Now in Paperback

Democracy in

What Has Gone Wrong and What
We Can Do About It

Benjamin I. Page and Martin
With a New Afterword
“Provocative suggestions for how to
revive democratic practices through
citizen action and institutional reform
alike.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Brilliant, indispensable, and highly
accessible.”—New York Journal of Books
Paper $19.

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