The New York Review of Books - 24.04.2020

(Axel Boer) #1

April 23, 2020 5

“[A] clever, wide-ranging history... of
Western poetry, from Homer to Maya
Angelou. Each brief chapter tackles
one or more poets representative of
a particular era, with excerpts from
their works, brief accounts of their
lives, and Carey’s insightful critical
commentaries.... Those looking for
a shrewdly condensed and accessible
history of poetry could not ask for a
better guide.”—Publishers Weekly

“A must-read from two of the most
astute commentators on the global
economy. Klein and Pettis offer an
essential analysis of how domestic
are interlinked, and provide an answer
to the crisis of globalization.”—Adam
Tooze, author of Crashed: How a
Decade of Financial Crises Changed
the World

felt need and does it superbly....
Skillfully interweaving perceptive
criticism with biographical contexts,
Jonathan Bate shows in depth how
Wordsworth created a new poetry
based in the language of ordinary
life.”—Leo Damrosch, author of
The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the
Friends Who Shaped an Age

“Skidelsky has written the book
that anyone who wants to learn
economics—and anyone who thinks
that they know economics—should
read.”—Meghnad Desai, author of
Hubris: Why Economists Failed to
Predict the Crisis and How to Avoid

“Witty, intelligent, and sprightly,
Adam Begley’s Houdini tells a story
that is not only central to the American
experience, but strangely pertinent
to the fakery, fraudulence, and self-
promotion dominating our news
waves at present.”—Wendy Lesser,
author of Jerome Robbins: A Life in
Dance ■ Jewish Lives®

“A gripping and compelling
account.... The peaceful ending
of the Cold War between West
and East remains one of the
greatest achievements of modern
statecraft.”—Christopher Andrew,
Literary Review

“Astute, challenging, and far-
reaching.”—Kirkus Reviews,
Starred Review

“Turner takes readers deep into the
complex world the Pilgrims inhabited,
giving an old familiar story remarkable
new life and power. The story he
tells is at once entertaining, erudite,
and wonderfully human.”—Margaret
Bendroth, author of The Last Puritans

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