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April 23, 2020 9

UTP Celebrates University of Toronto Authors

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“Wendy Dobson is one of the
few analysts with the vision and
experience to provide an informed
blueprint for the future.”

  • Laura Dawson, Director, Canada
    Institute at the Wilson Center,
    Washington, DC

ISBN: 9781487504823 ISBN: 9781487504496 ISBN: 9781487532017

“Opens a fascinating window on
the evolution of Mennonite social,
religious, political, and economic
life in southern Ukraine in the late
1830s and early 1840s.”

  • Heather Coleman, University of

“A compelling and exciting
collection that thoughtfully
deals with motherly grief,
authority, and wisdom...”

  • Erika Dame, University of Richmond

“The thought-provoking and
scholarly chapters of The
Wonder of Water reframe how
we think about water.”

  • Rachel Jagareski, Foreword Reviews

ISBN: 9781487524036

“One of the very few works on
Ukraine in this period...”

  • Christopher Gilley, Durham University

ISBN: 9781487504687 ISBN: 9781487524159 ISBN: 9781487504182

“Athens and Jerusalem is
something of a philosophical
tour de force.”

  • Douglas Farrow, McGill University

“The fascination of sport in all
its richness and ambivalence
has hardly ever been explored
so deeply.”

  • Stefan Willer, Humboldt-Universität
    zu Berlin

“Provides a careful and
most insightful reading of
Heidegger’s pivotal work, On the
Essence of Truth.”

  • Jean Grondin, President, Academy of
    the Arts and Humanities, Royal Society
    of Canada

ISBN: 9781487504410
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