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(C. Jardin) #1


1 “Get outta here!”
5 Snatch
9 Give up
13 Sweater outlet?
14 Concerning kidneys
16 Annapolis sch.
17 “Roots” author Haley
18 Actress Graff
19 Ain’t fixed?
20 Never heard of a 1996
Robin Williams movie?
23 Wipes away
24 Juegos Olímpicos prize
25 Road crew’s supply
28 Have a sudden
31 Sexually attractive
33 Magical phrase starter
37 “You grabbed the wrong
Stephen King movie”?
39 The Parthenon, e.g.
41 Cry from a card holder
42 Roof worker
43 Essay about a 2015
Christina Applegate
46 Fallon’s predecessor
47 __ symbol
48 Ancient queen,
50 Immigrant’s subj.
51 Rap name contraction
53 Like some numerals
58 Start a 2001 Keanu
Reeves movie?
61 Rattle
64 Flower girl, perhaps
65 Paella pot
66 “Rhyme Pays” rapper
67 Unsettled states
68 __ fee
69 Sainted historian
70 Backbone or spine
71 Weight allowance

1 Garden tool
2 Rainbow flag
3 Fan belt?
4 Messages sent from
5 Is amused by
6 Move, in Realtor-speak
7 From the top

8 Scruggs’ strings
9 Nestlé product suffix
10 Initials before a state’s
name, sometimes
11 Imaret, say
12 Bit of ink
15 Profits (from)
21 Brew holder
22 Matter
25 Words on a spine
26 1979 sci-fi classic with
three sequels and two
27 In style again
29 Close
30 Go to pieces
32 Bubble, in a way
33 Emanated (from)
34 Diamond strategies
35 Same-state opponent,
36 Future doc’s subj.
38 Plane, e.g.
40 Racing craft
44 Chinese and Indians
45 Most closely related
49 Chicago airport code

52 Not true
54 Give or take
55 Modeling wood
56 Better, to a rapper
57 Shannon’s county
58 Townshend of The Who
59 Son or daughter, often
60 When Juliet says, “Go
ask his name”
61 Little lie
62 Frequent winner
63 British jazz element?




BLISS By Harry Bliss


Every box will contain a number; numbers depend on the size of the grid. For a 6x6
puzzle, use Nos. 1-6. Do not repeat a number in any row or column. The numbers in each
heavily outlined set of squares must combine to produce the target number found in the
top left corner of the cage using the mathematical operation indicated. A number can be
repeated within a cage as long as it is not in the same row or column.


ARGYLE SWEATER By Scott Hilburn MARMADUKE By Brad & Paul Anderson


By David Van Houten © 2020 Tribune Content Agency

Edited By Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis

SPEED BUMP By Dave Coverly


Aries(March 21-April 19):
There’s a group project in
the works; each person has
different needs. Keep it on
track by pointing energies
toward resolving the issues.
Taurus (April 20-May
20): Dreams are called post-
cards from another world.
The awake and reasonable
part of you could crack this
subconscious code today.
Gemini(May 21-June 21):
It would be easy to blame cir-
cumstances for things you
don’t have time for today,
but that goes against your
sense of responsibility. Pri-
oritize what matters to you.
Cancer(June 22-July 22):
Unfamiliar people are easier
to read after you’ve dropped
assumptions and the need
to rush to an assessment.
Ask questions instead.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22):
Though you may doubt your
path, don’t turn back. The
scenery gets better ahead.

Virgo(Aug. 23-Sept. 22):
Your internal reality is con-
stantly reaching into the fu-
ture, back to the past or to
the realms wherestories ex-
ist. Bringing yourself to the
present takes effort.
Libra(Sept. 23-Oct. 23):
You appreciate easy, de-
lightful hours but you don’t
expect it all to besmooth.
You take on challenges with-
out the stress of thinking
things should be different.
Scorpio(Oct. 24-Nov. 21):
If you had all the money you
could spend, would you do
the work youdo? A job you
love won’t feel like a job at all.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-
Dec. 21): What should you do
with the thoughts and ac-
tions that run at cross-pur-
poses with what you want?
Decide what to do, then tell
yourself it’s as good as done.
Capricorn(Dec. 22-Jan.
19): The routines of your day
are the basis for your happi-
ness. Any steps to tweak
themtoward thinking and
feeling better willmake a

huge difference.
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb.
18): You’ll put your proposal
on the table. You may let
people peek while telling
them it’s not available. They
want what they can’t have.
Pisces (Feb. 19-March
20): There’s something in
how you communicate with
loved ones that cannot be
duplicated. You’re special.
Today’s birthday(April
3): If you don’t really want
something, obstacles are
ever-present, overwhelming
and unsolvable. When you
really want something, you
don’t see obstacles or you
see, solve and surmount
them quickly. Your cosmic
birthday gift is clarity of your
desire. It changes every-
thing. You’re powerful —
magical actually. Pisces and
Virgo adore you. Your lucky
numbers: 20, 22, 16, 14, 9.

Mathis writes her column
for Creators Syndicate Inc.
The horoscope should be
read for entertainment.


By Holiday Mathis

Unlucky Louie had suf-
fered through another losing
session in our penny game.
“I woke up feeling like a
million dollars,” Louie told
me. “Now it’s more like ‘in-
sufficient funds.’ ”
Louie loses mostly be-
cause he plays in haste. In to-
day’s deal, he leaped boldly
to 3NT at his second turn.
West led a spade, and when
dummy tabled Q-J-4, Louie
beamed. He covered with
the queen, and East signaled
with the 10. When dummy led
adiamond, West took the
king and led his last spade,
forcing out Louie’s ace, and
when East won the next dia-
mond, he cashed three
spades. Down one.
Louie’s thinking was in-
sufficient. If East has both

high diamonds — two en-
tries to the spades — Louie
will fail. But if the diamond
honors are split, Louie must
play low from both hands on
the first spade.
West leads another
spade: queen, king, ace.
When Louie starts the dia-
monds, West wins but has no
more spades, and Louie has
time to set up his diamonds,
making an overtrick.
Question: You hold: ♠K
10 9 7 5 ♥ 9 ♦A 7 ♣K 10 9 6 3.
Your partner opens one
heart, you bid one spade and
he rebids two hearts. What
do you say?
Answer: This situation is
tough. Partner could have
many hands with which
some game contract might
be a good proposition for
your side. Since you lack the
high-card strength for game
and are unlikely to have a

good trump fit, to pass
would certainly be reason-
able. If vulnerable, you
might try for game by bid-
ding 2NT.
South dealer
N-S vulnerable

♠Q J 4
♥Q 7
♦Q 10 8 5 3
♣8 5 2
♠8 3 ♠K 10 9 7 5
♥J 8 6 5 4 3 2 ♥ 9
♦K 4 ♦A 7
♣7 4 ♣K 10 9 6 3
♠A 6 2
♥A K 10
♦J 9 6 2
♣A Q J
1 ♦ Pass 2 ♦ 2 ♠
3 NT All Pass

Opening lead — ♠ 8

Tribune Media Services


By Frank Stewart

Dear Amy:I wish I could
undo some of the terrible
mistakes I’ve made.
My daughter hasn’t spo-
ken to me in years.
When she was very
young, I divorced her dad
and moved far away. I mar-
ried a man with two sons and
a parenting method I didn’t
agree with, but I felt trapped
with him — the way I’d felt
trapped with her dad. We
were together for 10 years.
I waited until after my
daughter graduated from
high school and then sepa-
rated from her stepfather. It
was difficult to live on my
own and we ended up getting
back together, more out of
convenience than anything.
When I told my daughter
I was getting back together
with him, she blew up and
told me that her stepbrother
had drugged and raped her
several times. I was in com-
plete shock! She has not spo-
ken to me since then.
I think about her every
day. I stalk her on Facebook
just so I can see her life. I
can’t be a part of her life be-
cause she has blocked me.
This estrangement breaks
my 83-year-old mother’s
heart, and I would like to see
us all together again.

Dear Regretful: If you
want your relationships to

change, then you need to
change. It’s really that sim-
ple. Although you admit to
having regrets, you don’t
seem to have taken responsi-
bility for the role you played
in your daughter’s trauma.
Your reaction to her disclo-
sure that she was raped
while in your household was
to express shock and then to
reunite with your ex.
Are you not aware that
the best thing to do when
someone reports a rape is to
call the police?
Yes, you’ve made mis-
takes. Admitting this is a
step in the right direction,
but you don’t get to claim
victimhood. Until you take
responsibility for your pa-
rental neglect, passivity and
terrible judgment, you can-
not hope for a reconciliation.
Even your Facebook stalk-
ing seems more melodrama
than the action of a mother
trying to make things right.
You are not Stella Dallas
standing in the rain, watch-
ing your daughter through a
window. You are not the vic-
tim of her blocking you.
There are many ways to con-
tact someone, but until you
can commit to positive
change, it is probably wisest
for your daughter to keep
her distance.
Acompassionate, com-
petent counselor could walk
you through the events in

your life that culminated in
this moment. With coaching
and change, the reconcilia-
tion you desire might be pos-
sible. I hope you will try.

Dear Amy: “Queasy in
Florida” wanted to put an
anonymous note in the mail-
box of a woman at her retire-
ment community, criticizing
her behavior at the home’s
communal dining table.
Thank you for recom-
mending a discreet, in-per-
son conversation. My loving,
kind, 86-year-old parents
just voluntarily moved into
an assisted-living communi-
ty. My dad wore a hat in the
dining room because his
head is always cold.
Someone left a copy of
the dress code at their door
with an arrow pointing to
“no hats in the dining room.”
My mother was furious,
and I was heartbroken that
someone would be so catty
and cowardly toward my
wonderful parents, espe-
cially as they were just get-
ting used to their new home.
Protective Daughter

Dear Protective: Non-
judgmental, discreet and in
person is almost always the
best way to communicate.

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