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Chapter 2: Agile Methodologies and Approaches


Figure 2-9

You mention that this mockup shows different states, including the confirmation message they talked
about. Claudia immediately grasps what the mockup represents, but she wants to see a mockup of the
Shopping Cart page.

“ It needs to show every item in the Shopping Cart, grouped correctly by product, ” she says. “ They
should be able to check out immediately from the cart. In fact, you may want to update the confirmation
message to allow folks to check out immediately. ”

You laugh because you can ’ t help it — she ’ s really getting into it, which is a big change from other
projects you ’ ve been on. You realize, though, as you mock up the Shopping Cart page, that you ’ d better
store the price in the Shopping Cart session — it wouldn ’ t do to have a sudden price update affect users
who are trying to check out. You make a note to yourself that before going live, you need to encrypt the
cookie for an added measure of security. You confirm by asking Claudia about this issue.

“ That ’ s correct, although in practice, we would only make price changes very rarely, and even then on
the weekends or late at night, ” she answers. “ But still, there ’ s a pretty good chance that someone could
be online when I make a price change. ”

“ What happens if someone tries to check out with a product that has been pulled after it ’ s put in a user ’ s
Shopping Cart? ”

“ Oh, just check for anything like that at the last minute, during checkout, ” she says. While you and she
have been talking, you ’ ve come up with a rough mockup of the Shopping Cart page, which looks a lot
like Figure 2 - 10.

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