Authoring a PhD Thesis How to Plan, Draft, Write and Finish a Doctoral Dissertation by Patrick Dunleavy

(Brent) #1

6 Developing your text and managing the

  • writing process

  • Drafting, upgrading and going public

  • Remodelling text

  • Organizing the writing process

  • and graphics 7 Handling attention points: data, charts

  • Principles for presenting data well

  • Handling tables

  • Designing charts and graphs

  • Other techniques for data reduction

  • Using diagrams and images

  • 8 The end-game: finishing your doctorate

    • From a first full draft to your final text

    • Submitting the thesis and choosing examiners

    • The final oral examination (viva)

  • 9 Publishing your research

    • Writing and submitting journal papers

    • Re-working your thesis as a book

    • Afterword

    • Glossary of maxims, terms and phrases

    • Notes

    • Further reading

    • Index

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