PlayStation Magazine - 05.2020

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Pitched as a
spiritual successor
to PC-only series
SWAT, and
borrowing from
more modern titles
like Rainbow Six Siege, Ready Or Not
is a tactical shooter where killing
isn’t your only option. Resolving
conflict non-lethally
is your priority and
a methodical
approach is
From flashbangs
to zip-lock cuffs,
you’re well stocked
to face whatever is thrown at you.
Though, as a SWAT operative in a
dark and twisted version of the
United States, you’re packing lethal
tools as well as less harmful options.
With a strong focus on realism,
planning your loadout before you set

out is key and, in multiplayer,
discussing your approach with your
squadmates ahead of time is critical.
Looking at the floor plan, does it
make sense to go in the front? Could
a tactical ladder be deployed here or
there? Should we take our chances
and go in with ballistic shields?
Developer Void Interactive will
launch Ready Or
Not on PC first but
would like to make
the jump to the
PlayStation down
the line. Managing
director Julio
Rodriguez tells us how the team will
make the most of next-gen tech.
Rodriguez seems optimistic about
what PS5 means for PC-focused
developers, saying “the specs allows
for a broader range of games to be
able to approach the console

market.” As for Ready Or Not itself,
Rodriguez tells us, “Our game design
will lend itself to run excellently on
the PS5 [and] we are currently
achieving 80-plus fps on mid-range
devices.” He clarifies that things are
far from final and that the team still
have a lot of testing ahead of them.

We ask what PS5’s SSD and
ray-tracing capabilities (tech PCs
already have) will mean for devs.
“Loading times haven’t been an issue
[for us] but games have been
traditionally quite slow on consoles
to load in,” Rodriguez explains. “This
[tech] will be a big boost and big
players like NVIDIA are proving very
willing to partner with developers to
make it happen [on PC].”
Haptic feedback is something
gamers on all platforms have seen
far less of, however. Rodriguez says

Get ready to

SWAT up on PS

Here’s the lowdown on Void Interactive’s new shooter


‘Be prepared’ should
be your motto in this
tactical shooter. It’s
wise to plan ahead.

team talk
“I’m not relishing
the chance to step
into the shoes of
law enforcement,
but Ready Or Not’s
preference for
non-lethal conflict
resolution has me
intrigued. It will be
interesting to see how
players are penalised
if they shoot first and
ask questions later.”
Jess Kinghorn
Staff Writer
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