PlayStation Magazine - 05.2020

(Barré) #1

number game

we do the maths

How much the prototype ‘Nintendo


Seconds to set on the bomb in the
FFVII demo to see a bonus cutscene.


Days between E3’s planned start date
and the day the it was cancelled.


Will buy you a Bloodborne Hunter
Nendoroid... before shipping and tax.


Years PS4 launch game space-ninja
actioner Warframe has been live.

Months since we last heard about
Spelunky 2, and it’s almost done.

The height of the Pure Arts figure of
Cyberpunk 2077 protagonist V.

The team want to tie the
“feeling of progressing...
into the feeling of building
a small community.”

NPCs are unpredictable.
If you’re familiar with the
shopkeeper, you’ll know
they’re not always helpful...

The dev wants to create
far more lively, detailed
environments, yet for each
area to remain readable.

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