PlayStation Magazine - 05.2020

(Barré) #1



Who’d want to
experience the
majesty of the
Amazon rainforest
while inspecting a
funky rash on their
arm and plucking leeches from their
legs? Survival fans, that’s who.
We’re not even going to consider
what they eat.
Happily for them,
Creepy Jar’s
Green Hell is
picking its way
from PC to PS
later this year, and
the best part is
you won’t have to
go it alone as PS4 players will be
able to buddy up from launch.
Up to four players can take on
everything the Amazon has to throw
at them in Survival mode. If you don’t
want to venture into the jungle alone,

you’ll be pleased to hear the team
intend to add co-op to the story and
challenge modes down the line too.
“Co-operation mode [has been] long
awaited by our community [...]” CEO
and art director of Creepy Jar
Krzysztof Kwiatek tells us. He later
adds, “We have prepared new
voiceovers and [player] appearance
In-game mechanics
and balance
systems were
adjusted [too].”
Survival mode on
your tod feels far
from a walk in the
park. Yes, this is
where we explain that bit about
leeches and rashes. Green Hell
features a number of interlocking
systems, including examining your
own virtual limbs and prying off
whatever creepy-crawlies are

currently clinging to them. But wait,
there’s more!

“Most games focus on one guiding
element of danger (eg cold), starting
with it and adding more elements,”
Kwiatek tells us, going on to explain
the team’s slightly sadistic design
philosophy: “In our case, we knew
from the very beginning that [...]
instead, we want the player to feel
overwhelmed [by the Amazon.] [...]
From the beginning all systems were
designed in symbiosis, all mechanics
are equally dangerous for the player,
every step can end up with a snake
or spider bite that, [if] untreated, is
as dangerous as lack of food or
sleep. It is all the mechanics together
that create the experience of
survival in the Amazon jungle, and
each of them was planned from the
beginning of the project.”


Can you survive

Green Hell?

Creepy Jar tells us it’s dangerous to go alone

Hell may be other
people, but let’s hope
your buddies can make
surviving easier.

team talk
“I’m the last person
to relish the great
outdoors or even a
spot of orienteering in
real life, let alone in a
virtual space. Running
out of tea in the office
is as close to roughing
it as I like to get. That
said, maybe this will
be an ecosystem I can
get into. What do you
think will happen if I
eat this mushroom?”
Jess Kinghorn
Staff Writer
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