PlayStation Magazine - 05.2020

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The Big


But perhaps most interestingly
(or ominously, depending on how you
feel about the survival genre), he
says, “Compared with other projects
we’ve worked on, we have an
extremely small number of things
that didn’t make it to the final game.”
You won’t just have to manage
your physical health, either. “The
psyche is inextricably linked to
physical health. Each of our actions
affects our mental well-being. [...]
Bad nutrition, diseases, bugs under
the skin, or leeches have a negative
effect on our condition and, like in
life, a warm tasty meal, a long,
uninterrupted sleep, and a
comfortable bed will help the player
stand on his feet, both mentally and
physically,” Kwiatek explains.

Kwiatek says of the team’s extensive
research process: “Our ‘guideposts’

were the tribes – their everyday life
and their rituals. Every plant has its
purpose, as food, medicine, or
poison.” And while you can encounter
human friendlies in story mode, the
tribes in-game “have their reasons
to stay hostile towards the player.”
We’re told that the developer does
not have plans to add “more
player-tribe interactions.”
But if you simply want to enjoy the
fruits of the developers’ research
and get a feel for one of the most
beautiful wild places on Earth,
Tourist mode mitigates a lot of the
aforementioned challenge. We’re
told, “The idea for this mode came
directly from our community. Players
appreciated the work we have put
into creating a realistic jungle and
they just wanted to feel the
atmosphere and build without any
dangers lurking for them.” It exists
as an option in story mode “for
those who want to enjoy the
storytelling, but [don’t] necessarily
want to fight for food or dig the
worms from under their skin.” Well,
we won’t be ones to judge when
Green Hell makes its PlayStation
debut later this year. We hope you
packed the bug spray...

To find out more, visit the official
website at

QYou and up to three other mates can
band together to take on the challenge.

QRespect the rainforest and its
dangers or it’ll be game over for you...

info patches

update your brain

Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment
are bringing Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition
to PS4. Originally released in 1997 for PC,
there was little hope of a re-release as the
source code was lost when original developer,
Westwood, moved. But after over a decade of
work, it’s been reverse-engineered.

PS VR clone-’em-up The Persistence gave
us the willies and got a 9/10 for its trouble.
Now it’s getting a non-VR release on PS4 so
you can enjoy all the scares with none of the
sweaty headgear. The non-PS VR version of
the game will be available to everyone who
climbed aboard before now as a free update.

Part remake, part sequel (in a roundabout
sort of way), survival sim Pathologic 2 has
come to PS4. A rural village is being ravaged
by plague and, with its healer dead, you are
tasked with taking his place. There are only
12 days on the clock and you can’t save
everyone... read our review next issue.

Warsaw-based Creepy Jar is
made up of a number of former
Techland and Flying Wild Hog
employees, and many
members of the team have solid
survival-game backgrounds.
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