2020-04-03 People South Africa

(Ben Green) #1
Parents: Kim Kardashian&
Kanye West
Net Worth: R4.7-Billion
IF you follow Kim Kardashian
on Instagram or have watched one
episode of Keeping Up With The
Kardashians, you’ll know that Kim
Kardashian and Kanye West love
spoiling their first-born daughter North.
In fact, they once dropped around
R1.6-million on Christmas gifts for
her – including a R156 000 diamond-
encrusted tiara and a R30 000 kiddie-
sized SUV. North has also grown to
love expensive fashion – just like her
mommy! When she was three, Nori
wore a custom-
made Alexander
Wang dress to a
Christmas party
and, she has a
massive wardrobe
of exclusive items
from other high-
end designers. Oh,
and Kimye also plan
on giving North
$15-million when
she turns 21. Damn.

Parents: Beyoncé & Jay-Z
Net Worth: R15.7-Billion
BEYONCÉ and Jay-Z have built an
incredible empire for themselves –and
their kids are going to inherit a pieceof
a pretty large pie. Being the first-born,
Blue Ivy Carter has always been pretty
spoilt and it’s no surprise that for herfirst
birthday party she received a diamond-
encrusted Barbie worth R1.7-million.
Yes, R1.7-mill. For a doll. No, we are not making this up. Did we say‘no
surprise’? We meant ‘that’s beyond bats*** cray-cray’. The insanity
doesn’t stop there, though. For her third birthday, Blue celebratedwith
a Frozen-themed party complete with an ice sculpture, and today the
eight-year-old has her own personal stylist, chef and bodyguards plusa
R130 000 toy car collection. She must just be on errbody’s playdateinvite

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