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THE more the

merrier, unless it

comes to sisters-

in-law and half-



RIVEN mostly by jealousy and
spite, the two ugly stepsisters
in Cinderella made the life of
the heroine an absolute misery.
But that’s just a fairy tale, right? Well,
sometimes the characters in fairy tales
have a way of worming their way into real
life. Could one of them have wormed her
way into the British monarchy?
Rumours Meghan Markle and her sister-in-
law Kate Middleton are feuding have been
flying for years; it’s no secret that the two

are not exactly thebest offriends, butare
allegationsthat they are embroiledina
spicy feudlegitorsimplytrash talk?
Althoughneitherhasofficially revealed any
dirty laundrybetween them,thepaparazzi
are convinced–from theirbodylanguage
in photographsandthesubtle ‘digs’ at each
otherat functions–thatthereis extreme
mutualdislike. Accordingto asource close
to the royal family,MeghanandKatemake
a concertedeffort to appear ‘civil’ inpublic,
but that isaboutasfar asitgoes.

It’s believed the relationship between the
two started showing cracks shortly before
Meghan’s wedding in May last year. Kate
took her daughter, Princess Charlotte, for
a bridesmaid dress fitting and ended up
leaving in tears. Then, when Prince Harry
and Meghan shocked everyone with their
decision to relocate to Windsor, it was
said that Kate and Meghan‘s feud was the
reason behind the move.
The rumours only got worse as time went
on. Meghan turned down an offer from
British Vogue to grace the magazine’s
cover last year June, saying it would be
‘boastful’. A bit of a dig, say some, as Kate
appeared on the cover in 2016. To add
to the snub, the duchess chose to put 15
‘trailblazing’ women on the front instead
and did not include Kate in the mix. And
at two Remembrance Day events last year
December, the duchess of Sussex and
duchess of Cambridge didn’t really interact
(at least not in front of any cameras)
further prompting speculation that all was
still not well in the House of Windsor.
Royal sources say that Kate is keen to dispel
the rumours that she and Meghan don’t get



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