Wanderlust UK – September 2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1

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ou could easily
be dazzled
by Barbados’
beaches: those
golden sands
and gemstone bays are the
stuff of Caribbean dreams.
But look a little closer and
you’ll find the island is much
more than just a sun, sea
and sand destination, with
a calendar of events that will

Look beyond Barbados’ beaches and you’ll discover an action-packed
calendar of events for every kind of traveller...

appeal to discerning travellers.
Here are six of the best...

24-27 October 2019

The food in Barbados isn’t just
tasty – it’s a history lesson too.
With African, Creole, American
and British influences, Bajan
bites offer a rich introduction

to the island’s multicultural
roots: from spicy chicken roti,
to creamy cou-cou (similar
to polenta) and flying fish – fried
or stewed. The annual Food
and Rum Festival celebrates
this delectable diversity with
workshops, gourmet events,
street food markets – and
lashings of locally-made rum.
Whether you’re feasting on fresh
fishcakes or fruity rum punch,
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