Wanderlust UK – September 2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1


To –ind out more about Barbados’ exciting events, head to visitbarbados.org

Caribbean culture has never
tasted better.

6-10 November 2019

Barbados is a swimmer’s
delight – whether you’re
dipping a toe in a waterfall
or snorkelling with turtles on
the western reefs. And, every
November, beautiful Carlisle
Bay hosts the Open Water
Festival: a fun and friendly
swimming race that attracts
competitors from all over the
world. Take your pick from
1.5k, 5k and 10k races – with
plenty of beach parties and
social events too. UNESCO-
listed Carlisle was once
a vital sea port, where
the likes of Lord
Nelson and George

Washington docked, though
these days it’s a protected
marine park. With its clear
waters and powdery sand,
it certainly beats doing laps
of your local lido.

9-17 November 2019

The APP World Tour sees
professional paddleboarders
take to the waves in a series
of international events – and this
year’s third round will be held
in Barbados, at the east-coast
‘Soup Bowl’ surf spot. New for
2019, the event will feature
races and slaloms on the Atlantic
swell – alongside beach parties,
SUPtaster sessions and
family-friendly events
inthe nearby town

6-8 December 2019

Thinking of heading to
Barbados in December? Pack
your trainers: it’s the season of
fun runs, mid-level races and
the most scenic marathon
course you’ll ever set eyes on.
You don’t have to be a pro to join
in: there are short-distance
courses for beginners, fancy
dress sprints and a walking
event for non-runners. The
more challenging courses
include 5k and 10k runs – and
the Barbados Marathon, which
loops around Bridgetown’s
boardwalk and historic
UNESCO-listed landmarks.
In a setting as pretty as this,
you’ll want to savour those
26.2 miles. There is still time
to apply as applications are

Visit Barbados

This year is Barbados’
‘Year of Wellness and Soft
Adventure’ – a chance
to relax and explore
the island

open online until December
(though once it’s full, it’s full).

16-24 January 2020

This annual event – the
Caribbean sailing season’s
opening regatta – includes a
range of ocean events, from
sailing around the 60-mile coast
of Barbados to racing up to
Antigua. During the week, if any
of the 20 race records are broken
(a tough act, given the event has
been going since 1936) the team
will win their skipper’s weight in
rum – a great excuse for the
skipper to fatten up during race
preparations. Even if you’re not
a sailor, the week brings the
island to life, with camaraderie,
parties and plenty of rum.

9 May 2020

You need strength, fitness and
technical know-how to tackle this
obstacle race – so put down that
rum cocktail and get training.
Based on the American Ninja
Warrior TV show, the course
features extreme monkey bars,
high ropes, rolling barrels and
a vertical wall as its finale: it’s like
Tough Mudder, but with sunny
skies instead of slippery dirt.
While agility and stamina are
essential, it’s the event’s great
atmosphere that’ll help you
smash the finish line – and make
you feel like you’ve earned your
week in the balmy Caribbean.
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