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Want to plan an African safari but don’t know where to start?
The experts at Imagine Travel give us their top tips...


million wildebeest
storming through
the dusty
An enormous red
sun rising on a golden horizon.
An elephant mother caring for her
calf at the edge of a watering hole.
African safaris are full of these
soul-stirring moments: the kind
of experiences that can never
be replicated and never forgotten.
But Africa is a colossal continent
with endless safari options. This
can make planning a trip diffi cult,
especially when you factor in the
sheer variety of topography,
wildlife and adventure available.
Fortunately, the safari experts
at Imagine Travel – an award-
winning tour operator whose
specialists have explored every
corner of this vast and varied
continent – have shared with
us their best African safari advice.
As Africa specialist, Joanna
Hudson, says: “There’s something

inherently simple but wonderfully
special about an African safari.”
We reveal their insider secrets...

Best for first-timers:
In Kenya, wildlife reins supreme,
from grazing zebra to sleeping
lions. It also offers the chance
to observe the Great Wildebeest
Migration, as well as interact with
two vibrant African tribes – the
Maasai and the Samburu.

Best for walking safaris:
This southern country is actually
where the concept of the walking

safari was pioneered, in the
1950s in the Luangwa Valley.
There’s nothing like the thrill
of spotting elephants, giraffes
and lions on foot.

Best for honeymoons:
Tanzania has it all: thrilling safari
in Serengeti National Park, warm,
friendly local people and Africa’s
highest peak. You can also easily
hop over to Zanzibar to fi nish
with a slice of island paradise.

Best for boat safaris:
In Botswana, you can explore
the Okavango Delta – a vast
fl ooded plain in Botswana’s north

  • by a traditional canoe-like
    vessel called a mokoro. Every
    year, the swelling waters of the
    Okavango Delta create
    a labyrinth of waterways, lagoons
    and islands that are great for
    wildlife watching.

Best for variety: Namibia
Namibia is a place for every
kind of adventure. You can scale
butterscotch sand dunes, kayak
with seals, spot rhinos in Etosha
National Park or track desert-
adapted wildlife in Damaraland.

Best for primates:
Uganda & Rwanda
These destinations are two
of the very few places in the
world where you can witness
majestic mountain gorillas, both
in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable
Forest and Rwanda’s Virunga
National Park.

Best for families:
South Africa
This affordable and fun country
has a huge variety of family-
friendly activities, including
a number of malaria-free safari
destinations, which you can
drive in search of the Big Five.


Imagine Travel is an
award-winning tailor-made
tour operator specialising
in holidays to Africa, Asia
and the Americas. They are
known for their honest
advice, exceptional value
and the very best customer
service: part of the reason
they have a Feefo ‘customer
review’ score of 4.9/5. They
also have a handy travel app
so you can access your trip
information from anywhere.
No matter what kind of
African adventure you want
to embark on, they are the
experts to make it happen.

Caught on camera
Three of Imagine Travel’s
specialists – Joanna
Hudson, Matthew Gammon
and Suzie Slemeck – shot
these photos while
travelling around Africa
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