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An analysis by the China Chamber of

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in a letter to all company employees on February 3

A Nationwide Effort

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February 1
As people leave their hometowns for cities where they work and live, the prevention and con-
trol of the epidemic is faced with a tough challenge.
To deal with the pressure and risk caused by the increased population mobility, a solid
defense should be built with the efforts of millions of travelers. In view of the current situ-
ation, it is impossible for the administration alone to fulfill this difficult task, no matter
how resourceful they are. Publicity of prevention and control should be carried out in this
period by reminding visitors of the details of self-protection. In particular, the steps for epi-
demic prevention during the Spring Festival rush are different from those used at home.
So relevant parties need to provide guidance to ensure passengers can fully acquaint
themselves with the method.
Online work is also necessary to control the outbreak during the travel rush. If passengers
are exposed to the novel coronavirus during the journey, the transportation department
should have a team for data analysis to provide information through big data technology. In
addition to helping hospitals and government to carry out their work, it can also serve as a
platform for the public to get information and adopt corresponding measures such as regular
prevention, self-monitored quarantine or visit to the hospital.

infection. It can be helpful to communicate
with friends and family members when
people feel afraid.
In addition, mental health during the
quarantine period also needs attention.
According to regulations, some people are
asked to isolate themselves for 14 days,
which is the incubation period of the virus.
These people should understand the ne-
cessity of isolation and follow the methods
of prevention in the period.
The warmth of people including care,
encouragement, help and trust is an impor-
tant force to overcome major public health
issues such as this epidemic.

Zhang Jixian, director of the department of respiratory and critical medicine care at
alerted to the novel coronavirus infection after seeing four patients with similar symptoms
of pneumonia, which was later identified as novel coronavirus-induced pneumonia in
Wuhan. On December 26, 2019, an elderly couple suffering from fever
and cough came to the hospital, whose chest CT showed differences
from other viral pneumonitis. The CT result of their son was the same
although he did not have any symptoms. A merchant working in the
Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the epidemic started, also
had the same pneumonia.
tal, which was promptly reported to the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention in Wuhan. In the following two days, more patients from the
market were admitted in the hospital.


Personnel of a 135-member medical team swear a
pledge in Fuzhou in southeast China on January 27
before departing for Wuhan

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