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Where to Eat in Lithuania

Traditional Baltic cooking is hearty and filling, designed
to satisfy one’s appetite after hard physical labour. Meat
is integral to Lithuanian cuisine, although there is an
increasing choice of vegetarian dishes on offer in most
restaurants. Vilnius has a wide range of places to eat
offering a good selection of local and international cuisine.


Čili Kaimas : f Δ © 
Vokiečių 8 Tel (5) 231 2536 Map D4
Offering Lithuanian food in a vast barn-style venue complete with farming implements and a tree growing up through
the middle, Čili Kaimas is loud, kitsch and hugely popular. Two menu options are provided, one offering better food
at higher prices. The vodka snacks followed by pig’s trotters and stuffed intestines are highly recommended.

Sonnets f Δ © ̊ 
Bernardinų 8/8 Tel (5) 266 5885 Map E3
Exuding elegance, Sonnets is housed in the Shakespeare Boutique Hotel. Seating ranges from snug sofas by the bar
and fine-dining tables in the library to tables out on the less formal balcony. The menu includes unusual names such
as “Three Musketeers” and “Toreador”. Its signature dish is “Aleksandr”, a mix of chesnuts, Gorgonzola and fig.

Medininkai Δ © ̊ 
Aušros Vartų 8 Tel (5) 266 0771 Map D5
This restaurant at the Europa Royale Vilnius has an atmospheric courtyard for summer dining and an evocative
cellar for use in chillier weather. The chef likes to call her dishes Lithuanian fusion, but in reality Medininkai serves
international cuisine with a certain panache. Service can sometimes seem slow.

Brasserie Astorija : 7 © ̊ 
Didžioji 35/2 Tel (5) 212 0110 Map D4
One of the classiest restaurants in Vilnius, Brasserie Astorija is at the Radisson SAS Astorija. The chef promotes the
use of fresh, healthy ingredients in his cooking and every course is a delight, especially the seafood. The wine list is
exceptional and service is excellent. The glass vestibule is great for people-watching.


Rėzos 1a, Juodkrantė Tel (469) 50 013
One of the finest restaurants on the Curonian Spit, with panoramic views of the lagoon and Juodkrantė harbour,
Vella Bianca boasts excellent Italian cuisine, including desserts, and a range of fine wines. As befitting its location,
it presents fabulous seafood creations, although its meat, pasta and home-made pizza dishes are also superb.

KAUNAS Bernelių Užeiga : f Δ © 
Valančiaus 9 Tel (37) 200 913
Generous helpings of authentic Lithuanian food are served in this restaurant, located within the confines of
Kaunas’s Old Town (see p58). The 18th-century building is a protected monument. The interior evokes a country
tavern while the exterior, in gaudy purple peppered with bright red flowers, makes it hard to miss.

KLAIPĖDA Petit Marseille : Δ © ̊ 
Žvejų 4a Tel (46) 430 472
Reflecting the same winning characteristics as Saint Germain, its partner restaurant in Vilnius, the Petit Marseille
features a wonderful selection of French food and wine, delicious cheeses and satisfying desserts. The Old Town
location and outdoor seating by the Danė river add to the charm, making it a relaxing dining spot.

TRAKAI Senoji Kibininė Δ 
Karaimų 65 Tel (528) 55 865
The first Karaim eating house in Trakai, this barn has been in existence for several years. Very informal, it is
hugely popular considering the fact that there are only two items on the menu: kibinai (pastries) and čenakai
(stewed cabbage hotpot). Guests should try both, accompanied by beer in summer and vodka at other times.

Based on the price per person of a
three-course meal with half a bottle
of wine, including cover charge,
service and tax.
 Under 55 Lt
 55–65 Lt
 65–75 Lt
 75–85 Lt
 Over 85 Lt

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