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It's not hype.

It's happening.

5G isn’t coming. It’s already here. And it’s powering businesses to think

big and win big. From sports to manufacturing, healthcare to retail;

it’s turning the innovations of tomorrow into the experiences of today.

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Purdue University’s College of Engineering and the Indiana

Economic Development Corporation are working with AT&T

to create an urban test bed for 5G-based research and

development. Located in the newly launched Indiana 5 G

Zone in Indianapolis, the lab will use AT&T’s 5G+ millimeter

wave (5G+) and commercially available Multi-access Edge

Computing (MEC) technologies to help society by advancing

precision agriculture, enhance public safety by improving

disaster recovery, and explore new use cases where business

and community intersect — like smart cities.

Also, a build-out in the Purdue Research Lab in West Lafayette,

Indiana, is expected to be complete as early as spring 202 0.

Once complete, the Lab will accelerate academic research

and innovation already underway to advance 5G’s potential

in other areas including advanced manufacturing, smart cities

and IoT, and rural broadband and agricultural technology for

disaster response.

Some of the world’s greatest innovations come to life

on college campuses. 5G, the next generation of wireless

technology, will revolutionize the way people, devices and

experiences are connected.

Purdue’s College of Engineering Conducting Research

with AT&T 5G

November 21, 2019

The U.S. Air Force is working with AT&T to help it create a “Smart

Base of the Future” at Tyndall Air Force Base (Tyndall). AT&T

expects to light up 5G service on the base as early as mid-2020.

Tyndall suff eredcatastrophicstructural damage in 2018 caus ed

by Hurricane Michael’s Category5, 160-mph winds. AT&T is

comprehensively rebuilding and modernizing communications

infrastructure and capabilities across Tyndall. It is providing

future-forward networking capabilities powered by AT&T 5G

to support augmented and virtual reality, IoT, and a broad array

of innovative technologies.

The Air Force also plansto equip its fi rst responders andeligible

public safety users at Tyndall with FirstNet — the nationwide,

dedicated communications platform purpose-built for public

safety. FirstNet operates on a dedicated core network that

supports enhanced security and provides always-on priority

and preemption services for Tyndall’s contingency and disaster

response operations.

Tyndall has already experienced the benefits of FirstNet.

Following Hurricane Michael, AT&T personnel arrived onsite

at Tyndall within 30 minutes of being contacted by the Air

Force. Within hours, the AT&T team established temporary

communications capabilities in support of Tyndall’s immediate

stormresponse andrecovery efforts using FirstNetnetwork

capabilities and devices.

Tyndall Air Force Base to Use AT&T 5G Services

November 21, 2019
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