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4 Time March 2–9, 2020


Re “inside Game” [Jan. 27]:
The only thing missing in this
article was information tell-
ing you how to join the “Jared
Kushner Fan Club.” I enjoy
TIME mainly because of your
critical approach to the politi-
cal events in the U.S. and the
news from the White House,
but this was very disappoint-
ing and not what I would have
Anne Hlinka,

nicely done! This is an
informative, well-written,
unbiased article that reveals
the man and his position
within the White House. At
last there’s an article that’s
fair and balanced. Bravo!
Diana Savastano,
Johns cReek, Ga.

The only ThinG This aR-
ticle shows is the virtues of
John Reynolds,
Paso Robles, calif.

Re “shell’s cRude awak-
ening” [Jan. 27]: The insou-
ciance of Shell CEO Ben van
Beurden’s admission that
Shell knew decades ago that
burning fossil fuels would
cause the planet to warm is
simply shocking: “Yeah, we
knew. Everybody knew. And
somehow we all ignored it.”
That’s it? No apology? No
wonder the Greta Thunberg

generation is so angry. It’s
hard not to relish the pros-
pect that Big Oil, which put
profits before the global
common good, could go bust.
Chris Chatteris,
caPe Town

youR aRTicle hiGhliGhTs
the problems that Shell and
Big Oil in general face re-
garding the need to reduce
carbon emission issues. Most
of these companies have
years of experience and ex-
pertise in recovering offshore
oil. Why not use these as-
sets to develop a generation
of electric power via the vast
potential energy in ocean
Harold F. Lombard Jr.,
souTh buRlinGTon, VT.

Re “Go back foR Those
Left Behind” [Jan. 27]: Now
that a lack of good jobs and
an overabundance of drugs
are threatening the social
fabric of white America,
people are concerned. The
African-American commu-
nity has long been afflicted
with those two scourges, but
we treated the results with
law enforcement. As a Latino
American, I find it difficult to
have much empathy for those
in the white community who
can’t deal with not having a
decent job or resort to drugs
to deal with unemployment.
Armando Bernal,
Tucson, aRiz.


Re “a Royal ResTRucTuR-
ing” [Jan. 27]: Harry is a
Prince and a thoroughly
worthwhile person. He and
Meghan were to be very use-
ful adjuncts to the crown,
but England doesn’t deserve
them. Their decision to leave
was driven entirely by the
tabloids, and I cannot but
think his mother would have
been completely supportive.
Doreen Langmead,
bRiTish columbia

we aRe wiTnessinG The
implosion of the myth that
the royals are any different
from many other families.
Stefan Badham,
PoRTsmouTh, enGland

Re “The comPlicaTed
Truth About U.S. Citizen-
ship” [Jan. 27]: There’s noth-
ing complicated about U.S.

citizenship. I’m the proud
daughter of a family of im-
migrants, and my family
and I can only praise and
thank America for all it has
given us. No place is per-
fect, but America offers un-
limited opportunities for
those who want them. My
family arrived with a will to
work hard, follow the law
and make the most of their
potential. They succeeded!
Although my profession has
brought me to Europe, I am
proud to have the Ameri-
can flag in my home and in
my heart.
Gina Della-Bosca,
RaPallo, iTaly



STRAIGHT ▶ In “Inside Game”
(Jan. 27) we misstated a detail about
Charles Kushner’s guilty plea. He
pleaded guilty to setting up his
brother-in-law with a prostitute. In
the same issue, an essay about U.S.
citizenship misstated when Ellis Is-
land opened as an immigration sta-
tion. It was in 1892.

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