2020-03-01 Frame

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Neolith® is an architectural skin capable of dressing up any interior or
exterior space where it is used.

The large format minimizes the number of joints in tiling for esthetic and
hygiene benefits. The minimal thickness allows Neolith® to be directly
applied to an already existing surface without any need for prior removal

Interior Beauty

which saves on the time and costs involved with reform projects.
Neolith®’s ability to resemble natural materials such as stone, wood
and metal, coupled with low-maintenance and high-resistance
qualities make it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, private or
public spaces, where a balance between aesthetics and functionality is

NEOLITH® ZAHA STONE Space I NEOLITH® Urban Boutique Milano (Italy) I Designed by Héctor Ruiz Velézquez I Photography: Nacho Uribe Salazar

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