(Joyce) #1






While editing our May issue,
we had no idea just how
much Rosie Green’s Little Hits Of
Happiness would resonate.
But as we all retreated into
our homes, Rosie’s commitment
to ‘shrink my pleasures down to
the here and now, to what
is right in front of me’ – like
clean washed hair and freshly
cut grass – inspired many of
you to email us with your own
mini moments of joy. We loved
reading them, so we asked
more of you on Instagram
to share yours, too.
Here are some of your
wonderful responses...

‘A bubbly brunch
birthday Zoom call with
the people who were
supposed to join me.’
Dana (by email)

‘Spending time in
the greenhouse sowing
and growing fruit
and veggies.’

‘A cup of tea in one
hand and a slab of
chocolate cake in the
other, the spring sun
soaking into my back.’
Isla (by email)

‘Receiving an
unexpected text from
my 12-year-old makes
my heart sing and,
rather randomly, the
smell of a freshly
painted room.’
Michele Davies (by email)

‘Lighting a fire pit
in the garden to enjoy
the evening light
and birdsong.’

‘Banana bread with
butter, at-home facials,
new beauty products,
naps and reading Red.’

‘The small glow of
satisfaction and
achievement as I watch
the tomato plants that
I have nourished grow
and flourish.’
Judy Burton (by email)
‘Having a cup of tea
and leftover mini eggs
in my garden while my
baby sleeps!’

‘My little cockapoo,
Gizmo. Whether I’ve
been out for five
minutes or at work all
d ay, s h e g r e e t s m e l i ke
I’ve been gone
for months!’
Helen (by email)

‘Yoga With Adriene
on YouTube every

‘Having a steaming
hot bath and giving
myself a pedicure.’
Anna Brooman (by email)

‘Having time for
a coffee, some
chocolate and to read
in silence. Heaven!’

‘Walking by the sea
a s p a r t of m y d a i l y
exercise. I would
never normally
take the time.’

‘Stopping to admire
trees or flowers on my
daily walk and getting
such pleasure seeing
spring arrive.’
Judith Gallagher (by email)

‘Sitting on my balcony
in the morning sun with
coffee in a freshly
laundered jumper.’

‘Watching my kids jump
on the trampoline and
laugh their heads off.’
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