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ClassicBike Trackdays and CMM, in association with Bridgestone tyres,
have aweekend of fun lined up at Cadwell Park in June.



ell, if we’rehonestweare stillnomore
thewiser as to whether this eventWILL
go ahead, but the organisers and the
circuit owners haven’t officially cancelled... so...
The details are:Ourvery good friends atClassic
Bike Trackdayshave joined forces with ourselves and
Bridgestonetyres toline upabrilliant weekend of
action overthe weekendofJune 6-7,at Cadwell
It’shoped that we will haveawhole section of
track time dedicated toYamaha’sRD-LC family of
machines to markElsie’ s40th birthday.So, if you
have anLC of any type, whynot comealong?
Our very ownNiall Mackenziehas volunteered to
turn up with both his RD350L Cand RD250LC
Pro-Am replica along with one ofhis British
champion sons... we know not who yet!
As to the event, DarinFrow of CBTsays: “The
situation as it stands is thatweare talking to MSV
and they have said it isbusiness as usual for the
timebeing. However,the latest governmentadvice
to stopany non-essential travel would include our
events.We’re waiting for the Government to make
their next statementregardinglockdown and
whether it will be extended fromMay 7, and if
so,for howlong.
“There's also the question regardingwhat’s
considereda‘mass gathering’ andwhethe rthatwill

have an impact on us. Allwe can do is wait.”
It is hoped that the event willsee an LC-only track
session aswellasanLCAnniversary Parade at
lunchtime(free forallLCs attending), andYamaha
LC Trophies for the best bikes attending (chosenby
the owners/attendees themselves.)Itisalsohoped to
have anumbe rofdealers attending,and Br idgestone
will havealarge display at thecircuit andbegiving
away goodybags to riders.
Other CBT events this year include (orhopeto):
Sat-Sun, July 25-26, Anglesey; Sat-Sun, August
15-16,LyddenHill; Sat-Sun, September 5-6,
‘Suzuki Live!’ at Cadwell Park
To book and/or keep abreast of thesituat ion go to:


Elsies at the Park!


ABOVE:Weare hoping
forafew of the
Pro-Am RD-LCs to turn

BELOW:We're not sure
if any of these
reprobates are coming
–but Niall Mackenzie
will be!

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