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eplacingtheoverlander’sfavourite, the R1100 GSwas
neve rgoing to be easy–but BMW hit thebulls eye with the
1150 GS.
The 1130cc motor (up from 1085cc) hadasix-speed box (up from
five) pumping out 85bhp. Every one of those ponies was needed to
shift the weight this bike carried–you were looking at around
250-255 kilos in wet configuration with fluids and fuel... Heavy,eh:
ask CMM contributor Alan Dowds who was on the (crash-strewn)
launch and who was hit by his cartwheeling GS on an off-road section.
The end result was broken ribs, collar bone andapunctured lung.
Everything was big about the1150GS, but theJuly 1999 launch
price wasjust £8140. Thelater2001-2004Adventure cost just
£8195 and you could specifythe ‘Overland Package’, which(for
£300) added30-lit re fueltank,shorterfirst cog, off-roadbiased
tyre sand adifferent finish to theengine. Other extrasyoucould
buy included heated grips andanalumi nium top-box and pannier
set, which gaveacavernous 105 litres of carrying capacity.
Issues were few,but the real off-road globetrotters would
reinforce the sub-frame and/or ditch the big metal top-box. On the
road, many would find the later servo-assisted EVO brakes were just
way too fierce...
Of course, many awardswere bestowed upon the bike and around
76,0001150 GS/Adventure modelswere sold between 1999 and
2004 worldwide when thebike was replaced by the R1200 GS –

the 1150Adventure lasted until 2006when th e1200 version of
the Adventure wasreleased.The biggest PR success came when
actorsEwan McGregorandCharley Boorman took their Adventures
around the world an almost19,000-mile ride, which was
immortalised in the popular show ‘LongWayRound’.
Today we’ve seenvery lo wmile1150 GSsgofor daft money: how
does more than£11,000 forabike with fewer than 1000 miles
sound? Evenabike wit h20-30kon the clocks can be seen for up
to £7000!Thankfully,there areso many out there,that some slot
into a£3000-£4000 bracket. Just check the servicing andnabany
BMWaccessories that it comes withasyou can...cmm

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