(Jacob Rumans) #1
13/ 14/15/Now fitthe clutch basket, hub,plates,pressure plate and springs.Torque the clutch hub as you go (you need muscles
and the engine held in place.Don’tuseabloody rattle gun). Fit the kick-start mechanism and then pop the clutch cover on, being
careful to align the engagement arm so that it is at 90º to the cover as it engages.This can be tricky and requires the cover to go
onafew times until you get it right.

16/The stator,rotor andpick-up coil go on next. Make sure you Loctite the three Philips head stator screws! And torque the rotor
nut, don’t usearattle gun.Iused the clutch holder in this instance,slottingitinto the steel outer edges.Don’t use the con-rods
to hold the crank, you will stretch them and elongate the small-ends.17/After checking ring-end gaps are within specification,
the pistons go on with new small-end bearings and new circlips.The circlipsIgot were aftermarket and the wire gauge was too
thick.Iended up using brand new RZV500R circlips and ordered more for that motor.Atthis stageIhave already runatap over
all studs.Time for cylinders...18/The YPVS valves were filthy soIremoved them and spent the extra hour to de-carbon them on
the wire wheel, lube them up and fitall new seals and O-rings.









24/ 25/Heather and I fitted the engine
that afternoon and sat back withacold
ale to admire the job!26/Next issue I
rebuild the carbs,areal nightmare,along
with wiring and cable/hose routing.It
was days of work... So,will the bike run?

19/ 20/Iused an OEM head gasket that, amazingly,Ifound inabike shop over here for $50! Double-check piston height,
smoothness of turnover and then pop the head on and torque it to spec and in order as per the service manual. Make sure the
copper washers are in the correct spots.21/I fitted the new front sprocket while the bike was on the bench. Then the stator
cover went on (withanew rubber gasket and O-rings on the screws).22/Alloil lines,oil jets and galleries MUST be sprayed with
contact cleaner,then blown out with compressed air.Very important! Re-fitthem exactly as the routing in the service manual
shows and make sure they are secure.Torque the inlet manifold bolts to spec–this is important as it prevents warpage and thus
air leaks.23/Whatastunner.Torqueaset of plugsin and you are good to go.Ilove the look of this engine... Beer o’clock!

21 22




82 /classic motorcyclemechanics 26


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