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of some ofthebusinesses that would be using their
tools and equipment, predominantly theautomotive
market. However,sales of some productsthatcan be
used in the home sector,aswell as their safetyand
PPE equipment,haveseen marked increases."
You’ll find t he bestpeople offering thebest
services inthepages of CMM–both intheeditorial
ANDthe adverts. One who has appeared in bothis
Clive Whiteof Rapier Paintwork. Clive has been
painting classic bikes sincehestarted the business
in 1988. He said:“As wespeak our phone linesare
hot wit hcustomers calling for quotes orjust letting
us know theyare bringing their parts forarepaint. In
the last five to sixweeks wehaven’tstopped it’s
been reallybusy, show ingusthat people are cracking
on with that project they’vehad sat in the back of
their garagewaiting tobe starte d.”
Rich Llewellin runs Louigi Moto–aDucati
specialist (check out their Project Ducati 999next
issue) andhe’s found the going tough for many
reasons. Hesaid: “I was staying with my parents
when all this hit asIwas buyingaplace. My parents
are in the high-risk bracketso Imade the decision to
live in the racetruck outside theworkshop.
“For almost three weeksthe phone didn’t ringat
all. Ihad some work tocarry on with and my own, so
we were prettybusy.Mystaff didn’twanttot ake the
risk and come to work, andalthough it’s just three of
us in theworkshop,with no workcoming inIcould
easilycope by myself. Myaccount ant had putme on
furlough,soIcould justmanagethe businessfrom
the office and play aboutwith my own stuff, while
livingonsite. TheGovernmenthas beenpretty
helpful andawardedus a10k gra nt. I’ve put no

other moneyinto th ebusiness todate, so with the
furloughmoneycoming in topay wages,this should
see us ok for thetimebeing.
“Sixweeks in andthe phonehasjust started to
ring with potential work. IfIhave to startbooking
jobs in,Iwill un-furlough myselfandcontinue on a
small capacity by myselfandasitbuilds up wi ll
offer thestaff to return toworkasand when.”
Rich addedthatFebruaryisatraditionallylean
month, with March/April seeing more business
coming in. “Without thebuffe rwewould definitely
be under pressure from thebank,” saysRich.
“Ourlandlord has beensympathetic, but wehave
madeour payments andalso covered th eVAT that
has beendue.”
Looking forward, Rich wonders if–whenthe
lockdown ends–people wil lbec lamouringfor the
servicingwork that Louigi Moto provides. “Wemay
needtogolikestink withamassive influxof work
thatmaybe we can’t cope with. Or (worse) nobody
has the money to get their bikes worked on. I’llget
my crystal ball out!”
Crystal ballindeed... Whatever the future brings
for ourhobby, let’ ssuppo rt each other and ‘stay


Clive from RapierPaintwork.

LLoouuiiggiiMMoto wiM th (below) Rich.
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