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The Duchess of Sussex has spoken of

how becoming a mother had made her

more “courageous” because she was so

concerned about the world that her

son, Archie, will inherit.

However, the duchess, who was

speaking at an online conference in the

United States for “most powerful

women”, said that she was also careful to

avoid being controversial because she

did not want to put her family at risk.

Meghan, whose son is a year old, was

but I wouldn’t be able to feel proud of
myself as a mum if I didn’t know that I
wasn’t doing my part to make it a better
place for him.”
Asked about how to deal with social
media in a healthy way, she advised

A mother who blogged about her

family life died with three of her

children when their car collided with a

lorry near Oxford.

Zoe Powell, 29, her daughters

Phoebe, eight, and Amelia, four, and

their brother, Simeon, six, were killed in

the crash on Monday night.

Her husband, Joshua, 30, and their

18-month-old baby were said last night

to be in a critical but stable condition in


Police were called at 9.50pm to

reports of the collision between a silver

Subaru and the lorry near a railway

bridge over the A40 west of Oxford.

Mr Powell and his daughter were

taken to John Radcliffe Hospital, Ox-

ford. The lorry driver had minor injuries.

A witness said that the lorry was on

the wrong side of the road and the

family’s people carrier was in the

middle “crumpled like a can”.

David Pratchett, 36, was first on the

accommodation while their home
remained boarded up and smoke-
damaged, according to a neighbour.
After the fire Mrs Powell wrote
on her Instagram account that she and
Mr Powell had been woken by the
smoke alarms and managed to get their
children out of the building.
She wrote: “We are thankful to all be
fine, and God has been so good in so
many ways in this difficult time. We


alls and
next to an
roundabout that are
believed to be the oldest
surviving fragments of a
church in Britain have
been awarded new
protection (Mark Bridge
The remains in
Colchester date to about
AD320, not long after
the Edict of Milan, when
Constantine the Great
granted freedom of
worship to Christians.

Archaeologists estimate
that it held about 100
worshippers and coins
from that era found in
excavations near by
suggest a flourishing
The remains, which
have recently been
repaired, have been
given scheduled
monument status by
Historic England.
The stone structure,
erected just outside the
walls of the Roman city
of Camulodunum and
excavated in the 1970s,

was in the form of a
rectangular basilica to
which a semicircular
apse was added at the
eastern end later during
the Roman period.
It stood next to a
burial ground of over
600 bodies aligned east
to west, indicating their
Christian status.
Philip Crummy,

director of the
Archaeological Trust,
said it was likely that the
church’s first
worshippers had
practised in secret
during earlier periods of
It appears that the
church was abandoned
some time in the second

quarter of the 5th
Although Mr Crummy
and other archaeologists
believe a church is the
best fit for the building’s
form, date and location
next to the burial
ground, others believe it
was a mithraeum, or
temple to the eastern
god Mithras. However,

Julie Young, deputy
leader of the borough
council, said: “As a
major city with good
connections to the
wider Roman empire, it
is not difficult to
imagine that Colchester
was one of the first
places in Britain where
Christianity was

New protection for

the oldest church

The building probably held a congregation of about 100, many of whom would have met in secret before the Edict of Milan allowed Christian worship





Site of

1,000ft station



Archie’s birth gave me courage to create better world, says Meghan

Valentine Low taking part in a session on “courageous
leadership” as part of Fortune maga-
zine’s Next Gen Summit.
Asked by Emma Hinchliffe, Fortune’s
associate editor, how motherhood had
changed her, she said: “It’s interesting
because my gut is that it makes you
more courageous. It makes you so
concerned for the world they’re going
to inherit, and so the things that you’re
able to tolerate on your own are not the
same; for you go every single day how
can I make this better for him, how can
I make this world better for Archie?

And that is a shared belief between my
husband and I.
“At the same time I am cautious of
putting my family in a position of risk
by certain things, and so I try to be,
rather, very clear with what I say and to
not make it controversial, but instead to
talk about things that seem fairly
straightforward — like exercising your
right to vote.
“I think that is as simple as it comes,
and as necessary as it comes, and to that
point as a parent I can enjoy all the fun
and silliness and games with my son,

women not to “engage with things that
are negative” but to be “conscious and
She said: “I have, for my own self-
preservation, not been on social media
for a very long time.
“I made a personal choice to not have
any account so I don’t know what’s out
there and in many ways that’s helpful
for me. I have a lot of concerns for
people that have become obsessed with
it and it is so much a part of our daily
culture for so many people that it’s an

The duchess was
speaking at an
online conference
on leadership

A fraudster who once stole a Saudi
sheikh’s Rolls-Royce has been found
guilty of trying to buy grenades from an
undercover FBI officer on the dark web.
Mohammed Humza, 29, from
Watford, did not turn up for his trial at
the Old Bailey. He was found guilty of
charges under the explosive substances
act after paying for two fragment
grenades. He later switched his
attention to Semtex plastic explosives,
claiming that he wanted them “for
breaking safe/vault”.
In March 2017 Humza was jailed for
four years for stealing Sheikh Moham-
med Alibrahim’s £97,000 Rolls-Royce
Phantom Coupé after filling out a
DVLA form claiming he was the owner.
On July 14, 2016 the FBI officer
received a message asking: “What’s the
best price you can do for 2 grenades
with postage to the UK?” Humza nego-
tiated the price to $115 (£89), saying he
would buy two more the next week.
The judge, Mrs Justice McGowan,
delayed sentencing.

Duncan Gardham

Mother and three children die

in horrific collision with lorry

scene after he heard the crash from
his houseboat. He said that it was
“horrifying and very saddening”,
adding: “While I was on the phone to
police, the man regained consciousness
and that’s when I started screaming
down the phone ‘get someone here,
Mrs Powell, who studied English
literature at university, worked as a
designer and crafter, blogging about
her children and making stationery,
woven art and prints by hand, inspired
by her favourite books.
She also published The Mama Book, a
journal she designed for new mothers
to chronicle their experience and help
them to find a moment to themselves.
The Powells were married when they
were teenagers and they celebrated
their eleventh wedding anniversary last
The deaths came months after the
family lost many of their possessions
in an electrical fire at their house.
They had been living in rented

have wonderful neighbours, firemen,
family and friends, church family and
there is much to be thankful for.”
Their local church, St Andrew’s, in
Chinnor, Oxfordshire, said that it
would be open for private prayer or for
people to light a candle for the week.
The parish council said that there was
space for people to leave flowers.
Sergeant Dominic Mahon, of the
Serious Collision Investigation Unit
based at Bicester, said that the crash
was an absolute tragedy.
Mr Mahon, the senior investigating
officer, appealed for more witnesses
who may have been driving on the A
before the accident or who had dash-
cam footage to come forward.
He said: “The thoughts of all of us at
Thames Valley police are with the
families at this incredibly difficult time.
Our officers and colleagues from the
other emergency services were dealing
with an extremely upsetting scene, and
I would like to thank them for the work
that they carried out overnight.”

Emma Yeomans

Zoe Powell and her husband, Joshua,
were driving on the A40 near Oxford

Fraudster tried

to buy grenades

online from FBI

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