Times 2 - UK (2020-10-16)

(Antfer) #1


Word watch Sudoku Mild No 11,893 Difficult No 11,894 Fiendish No 11,

David Parfitt


a A wind instrument
b A tall thin chest of

c A mischief-maker

a Vividly green

b High in vitamin C
c Living in mud

a A traditional game
b A serenade
c A variety of dandelion

Answers on page 15

The Times Quick Cryptic No 1724 by Pedro

1 Left excellent, decorative fabric
4 Encountered feathers around
Lake, indication of disaster (8)
8 Game of golf a rep organised
9 Cricketer first for honours in
Somerset city (4)
10 Following a religion, entirely
on the radio (4)
11 Assortment: possibly it’s cheap
12 Supporters surrounding Rolls
Royce in search (6)
14 Contaminate fin, etc, when
swimming (6)
16 Learning well, horse breeder
promises to pay (8)
18 Horribly evil! (4)
19 Competent brewer initially
brought in beer (4)
20 Records office, say, is to
attempt tracking source
of records (8)
22 Staff touring area wrong to
limit good advice to motorists

23 Speed last of dinner gets
consumed (4)

2 Chaps upset, caught in a single
bloomer (7)
3 Attract topless lady, ultimately
vain (5)
4 Harm horse, docking tail (3)
5 I almost stop probing firewood
delivery arrangements (9)
6 Fed up about bride forgetting
day, ask for details of service?
7 Seductive woman with a
teasing desire (5)
11 Fragrant stuff in Italian river
upset our trip (3-6)
13 Left-wing teacher, one with
ginger hair (7)
15 Criminal, say, heads for priest,
really intending to enter
religious group (7)
17 Ban cheers and a more hostile
expression (5)
18 Eyeshade? Guest has dropped
it (5)
21 Success, declining a drink with
tonic (3)

12 3 4567

8 9

10 11

12 13 14 15

16 17 18

19 20 21

22 23

Yesterday’s solution on page 15




Fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

Place the numbers 1 to 9 in the spaces so
that the number in each circle is equal to
the sum of the four surrounding spaces,
and each colour total is correct

The Times Daily Quiz Olav Bjortomt

Answers on page 15

1 What is the most
populous city in

2 Which Old Testament
book features the story
of Noah’s ark?

3 The 1780 Siege of
Charleston was a

victory for the British
during which war?

4 In 1597, the Jesuit

priest John Gerard
made an audacious
escape from which

prison and fortress?

5 In a British sitcom,
Miss Gatsby, Miss Tibbs

and Major Gowen were
permanent residents at
which hotel?

6 Which “new feminine
fragrance” by Giorgio
Armani shares its name

with a song popularised
by Frank Sinatra?

7 Tim Timinee Tim Timinee
Tim Tim to You was a
show performed by which
comedian and brother of
a Radio 2 presenter?

8 Featuring The Shock
of the Lightning, Dig Out
Your Soul (2008) was

which Manchester band’s
final studio album?

9 In 1982, which
Zimbabwean president
passed a law making
it illegal for citizens to
joke about his surname?

10 John Keats’s poem
about which Scottish
island begins: “Not

Aladdin magian/ Ever
such a work began”?

11 Which MP for
Oxford West and
Abingdon came second
in the 2020 Lib Dem
leadership election?

12 Who wrote the 2019
book Notes from a Young
Black Chef: A Memoir
with Joshua David Stein?

13 Z213: Exit is the first
instalment of the Poena
Damni trilogy by which
Greek author?

14 In 1984, which
American became the
first athlete to win both
the 200m and 400m at
a single Olympics?

15 Which French
dessert is pictured?

Suko No 2996

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