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to make more money in the game.
Speaking of which, Rockstar is also
helping address the stingy-ness of
the RDO economy, with more gold bars
awarded for activities, including one
gold bar per level raised.
One of the most welcome
improvements involves the game’s
hostility system. First introduced
in a February update, this tracks
aggressive behaviour and makes
hostile players more visible on the

map, as player blips change colour
from blue to hostile-red. Thanks to
the new update, you now won’t be
penalised for shooting dead a player
who has initiated the hostility. If you
are murdered by a hostile player,
you can also now choose to ‘press
charges’ against that player, which
will increase your griefer’s hostility
and bounty levels. Additionally, players
who are killed with a high hostility
level will be respawned further away.
Further helping to mitigate the griefing
that can sometimes blight online play,

players can now choose Offensive or
Defensive play-styles. Offensive is the
current default, but choose to play
defensively and you will take reduced
damage from enemies, while penalties
will be harsher for those griefing
you. Of course, if you start attacking
other players, you will no longer be
protected by defensive mode, but this
should allow players who would rather
just explore the world to simply go
about their business without worrying
about griefers.
There’s a new territory-grabbing
Showdown mode too, Overrun, while a
ton of other balancing improvements
also form part of the update. There
are also new weapons and cosmetic
items, including a cool LeMat revolver
which has a secondary barrel to
unleash a single buckshot round and,
finally, a poncho! That would be us
bombarding Rockstar with requests for
one. You’re welcome.
Rockstar has teased even more
content to come in the weeks ahead.
Very soon you will be able to take part
in new Showdown modes including
the Head For The Hills, Animal Kill and
Public Enemy modes. The excellent-
sounding new Railroad Baron mode
involves capturing cars on a moving
train. This summer will also see the
introduction of roles to RDO, each
with unique goals and outfit options:
Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector.
Choosing a role will let you progress
through the game in a more traditional
RPG style. Excited? Yes. Yes, we are. Q

Rockstar raises

the stakes

Huge Red Dead Online update brings poker, tons of

new content and the promise of an exciting future


The online mode of
Rockstar’s Western
epic Red Dead
Redemption II,
Red Dead Online,
is getting a huge
update as the
studio officially ends the game’s
beta testing phase.
Development of the persistently
online multiplayer game has been
in progress since the beta phase
launched in December 2018, with
new game modes, systems and
cosmetic items released over the
last few months. But now Rockstar is
unleashing an update that not only
provides tons of new content, but also
comprehensively responds to player
feedback, while fixing and addressing
any issues identified in testing.
New co-op story missions will
continue the revenge saga of Jessica
LeClerk, with new honourable missions
allowing players to help eye-patch-
sporting Marshal Tom Davies clean up
Valentine, and outlaw-path missions
that include a Saint Denis bank
robbery. There are also new Free Roam
mission types available, and new
mission-givers from the story mode
such as fisherman Thomas, and pig
farmers Bray and Tammy Aberdeen.

Feeling flush
Poker games are also now available
in the world of Red Dead Online. Good
news for those players who, like us,
are always on the lookout for a chance

While poker games
have long been a
feature in the story
mode of Red Dead
Redemption II, you
can now visit poker
tables at towns and
outposts across Red
Dead Online’s map,
too. Challenge your
friends to a private,
invite-only game of
Hold ’Em, or take a
high-stakes seat at a
public table, where
the buy-ins and
rewards are even
higher. Poker tables
seat up to six players
and can be found in
Blackwater, Saint
Denis, Tumbleweed,
Valentine and
Flatneck Station.


“Rockstar has

teased even

more content

to come in the

weeks ahead”

ABOVE Just look
at Marshal
moustache. Damn,
you could play
horseshoes with
that thing.



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