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We could, of course, have gone for some
flashier models from Grand Theft Auto V,
like the Banshee or the Pfister, but we
have a soft spot for psycho Trevor’s
love truck. “Every stain on the seat tells
a story,” runs the listing on South San
Andreas Super Autos’ website. A two-
door pick-up with the look of a Jeep
or Land Rover, the Bodhi is evidently
military surplus. Its colour could either be
intentional or rust, and you can’t take it
into a San Andreas car wash. Of course it’s
fitted with CB radio, so survivalist nutters
can rejoice in its toughness and room for
carrying enough guns to survive a five-
star siege by the Los Santos PD, Sheriff’s
Department and National Office Of Security
Enforcement combined.


  • HALO
    Hands-down the best car
    in any Xbox game. Okay,
    so it handles like crap, but
    remember how amazing it
    was that you and your mates
    could all get in the same
    vehicle and ride across Halo
    CE’s maps? One driving,
    the other riding shotgun
    (though you couldn’t fire your
    shotgun from the passenger
    seat) and a third guy on the
    machine gun mounted on
    the back. The M-12 Force
    Application Vehicle came
    in a variety of models, the
    most common of which was
    the Light Reconnaissance
    version, and it’s so good that
    it’s been used by the United
    Nations Space Command
    Armed Forces since 2319. You
    won’t find a better vehicle
    to car-share in. And we even
    love flipping it.

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