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The road trip

of a lifetime

Ride across America and survive

cosmic horrors in Dead Static Drive

A journey across the USA sounds like
a whole lot of fun, but not so much
when you’re being pursued by deadly
monsters that are trying to kill you.
No, this isn’t a videogame adaptation
of the incredible ’90s flick Tremors.
Dead Static Drive is described by its
developer, Mike Blackney, as ‘Grand
Theft Cthulhu’, and to us it more
resembles the actual act of grand
theft auto than Rockstar’s acclaimed
videogame franchise.
You’re on the road to survive and
reunite with your family, which is a
lot harder than it sounds – and it
already sounds pretty hard. In a world
that’s gone very wrong, you’ll need
to learn how to stay alive. Different

monsters require specific tactics to
defeat them, and all you’ll have are
the vehicles you steal and weapons
you scrounge, like kitchen knives,
baseball bats or frying pans. You also
have needs that you’ll be taking care
of, like eating, sleeping and popping
to the loo. This roguelike only lasts for
30 in-game days, and how it ends will
depend on how far you manage to get
and what you do during that time. As
much as it’s about survival it’s also
about amazing driving, and exploring
this wasteland is a blast. Q

Check out @deadstaticdrive on
Twitter for developer updates and
some fantastic gifs of the game.

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